How to get the Pumpkin Launcher Weapon in Fortnite?

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Want to unlock the slashing Pumpkin Launcher weapon in Fortnite? Then, find the best methods to get one right here.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is nearing its completion and the Halloween-themed event is just launched. Fortnitemares, the spooky event is live now. This event has added lots of weapons, quests, and skins. Players can take part in challenges and earn some Halloween-themed rewards. Some iconic Halloween characters like Jack Skellington and Michael Myers will get their skins and cosmetics. This event will be available for another 3 weeks.

There are lots of quests like traveling distance with a witch broom, unlocking buried treasure chests, and more. Weapons like Pumpkin Launcher and Thorne’s Vampiric Blade have been unvaulted as well. Pumpkin Launcher is a powerful weapon that has excellent damage stats and a decent firing rate. It can be used to complete weekly quests.

Pumpkin Launchers can be obtained in many ways. This is an epic rarity weapon, so getting one is not an uphill task. Just like other normal Fortnite weapons, you can get this as well. Pumpkin Launcher is a classy weapon and you will be tempted to use it repeatedly. So, find the best ways to get a Pumpkin Launcher weapon in the Fortnite Halloween event 2023.

Steps to Unlock Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher 

Fortnite pumpkin Launcher
Pumpkin Launcher

Pumpkin Launcher doesn’t spawn at one location. They will be available all over the island. Here’s where and how you can get this powerful Fortnite weapon,

  • Get it as floor loot on the ground near Slappy Shores and Brutal Bastion
  • You can unlock it from regular chests, rare chests and holo-chests
  • Pumpkin Launcher can be obtained through flying drones

These are the best ways to get a Pumpkin Launcher weapon. This gun deals over 110 damage per second on average. Use it to complete Fortnitemares quests and collect your rewards.

Pumpkin Launcher has a high spawning rate and you can easily find one. Simply explore islands and use one of the above-mentioned methods to collect this weapon. It can inflict heavy damage to nearby enemies and can knock them down in a single shot.

Use Pumpkin Launcher and eliminate a couple of opponents or NPCs. There will be more quests in the coming weeks for which you have to utilize this weapon and deal damage to opponents.

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to obtain the Pumpkin Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4. Fortnitemares will be available till November 3, 2023 and you have to complete more than 20 quests to get all cosmetics.


Is Fortnite Halloween Event Out?

Fortnitemares, the official Fortnite Halloween-themed event is launched. Complete quests and earn spooky rewards. The event will be available till November 2, 2023.

Is Fortnite Shutting Down?

No, the news and leaks regarding Fortnite’s closure have been going viral over the past few months. But, these are just mere rumors and Fortnite doesn’t have any plans to close their services right now.

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