How to Get Balloons in Fortnite – Fortnite Birthday Quest

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Celebrate Fortnite’s birthday in style! Learn how to get balloons and complete the Fortnite Birthday Quest with our step-by-step guide.

Fortnite is an incredible battle royale game. Ever since the launch, players have been engaged in various content. Also, the makers collaborate with popular games and series and launch new events on special occasions. It’s time for the Fortnite birthday and Epic Games has unleashed a new set of quests. You can complete birthday quests and unlock a set of rewards.

Fortnite Battle Royale celebrates its 6th anniversary very soon and the birthday quests have already gone live. Fortnite birthday quests will only be available till 26th September 2023. There are six main birthday quests and completing these gets you XP and cosmetic rewards. One among many birthday quests is to find balloons. Whenever Fortnite birthday quests arrive, Balloons arrive as well. This quest is all about finding six balloons and using them for a quest.

You can find balloons just like you find other loot items, weapons, new mechanics, and shields in the game. Colorful balloons spawn across islands and you have to accumulate six balloons and use them for 2 matches to complete the quest. The quest also rewards 20,000 XP. Here’s all about finding and using Fortnite balloons.

Fortnite Birthday Quests – Best Ways to Find Balloons!

Fortnite balloons

The latest Fortnite update has added a new reality augment called Jump Balloon Reality Augment. Using this mechanic increases your chances of finding balloons. Balloons are found all over islands. Here’s how you can get Fortnite balloons,

  • You can get balloons from chests and ground loot
  • The best locations to get balloons in Fortnite are Mega City, Shattered Labs, Brutal Bastion and Shady Stilts

These are the best ways to get Fortnite balloons. You have to collect 6 of these and make them fly. Here’s how you can use balloons,

  • Select three balloons from your inventory and then use the right trigger 
  • Now, you can start flying for a while and touch the sky
  • You can detach balloons once you are done with the quest. To detach them, use the right stick on the controller and land down safely

You can attack three balloons at a time on your characters and do it for two games to complete this task. Once you complete this Fortnite birthday quest, you will collect 20k XP as your reward.

That’s how you can find balloons and use them in the latest Fortnite birthday quest. Collect all those colorful balloons and fly higher to enjoy the event. The event will be available till 26th September 2023 and you will start to unlock cosmetics after completing one quest. Complete every quest to unlock all new cosmetics.


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