Best Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons

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Know the best Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons in our latest guide. You can defeat and kill all opponents by using these powerful weapons.

Tons of weapons are available in Fortnite. Epic Games releases a new set of weapons through the game’s new updates and seasons. Fortnite also has many features like skins, cosmetics, and back bling. Weapons are an integral part of the game and will help you to be the sole survivor standing in Island on the game’s battle royale mode. Weapons are also required to complete weekly quests and other challenges in events. Fortnite is incomplete without weapons and you need to equip weapons to defeat random opponents and complete missions.

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Ever since Fortnite launched, Epic Games has been adding lots of weapons. Some weapons will be removed from the item shop and will be added in another season. And there will mandatory addition of weapons in every new chapter and season. Though there are umpteen numbers of weapons are available in Fortnite, it’s always a difficult challenge to choose the best ones. Every weapon also has different stats and powers. Shotguns, SMG, and Rifles are all some of the prominent and powerful Fortnite weapons. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is live now and there are more than enough weapons in the game. Here are the best and most powerful weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 that you can acquire to complete quests.

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Best Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons

There are a plethora of weapons and guns in Fortnite. To get the best results, you need to use m weapons with a high DMG rates and accuracy. You can equip these weapons in Fortnite right now.

Red Eye Assault Rifle

One of the best rifles with insane damage stats. The weapon takes multiple shots to kill, but you can equip it for its incredible DPS and firing rate. Use medium size bullets to get the best results. Red Eye Assault Rifle is a hit scan weapon and one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Fortnite Red Eye Assault Rifle
Red Eye Assault Rifle

Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun has an excellent firing rate and can be used within any range. You can get this weapon as loot in random spots around the island. You can use two shells and the weapon has decent damage per second. This weapon is available in all rarities.

Havoc Pump Shotgun

This shotgun can kill an opponent in a  single shot. Havoc Pump has high accuracy and can be used in short range for best results. The firing rate is slow, but the shotgun has massive damage per second and you can unleash heavy damage to multiple enemies at a time.

Kinetic Blade

Kinetic Blade is a sword melee weapon that’s been launched in the Fortnite Mega season. Kinetic Blade has two effects, Dash and Slash. You can attack faster and unleash heavy strikes for a short time. The knockback slash effect can deal heavy damage. The dash attack allows you to move forward and deal heavy damage. This epic katana weapon also has a cooldown timer.

Primal Bow

A fast firing bow that unleashes fire projectiles. This rare now has a faster fire rate and is unleashed as a fast arrow. You can obtain it as floor loot, chest, and crafting. Use it for destroying wooden objects and doors. 

Shockwave Hammer

A utility item made out of Kinetic Ore and this works well against wooden structures and other objects near buildings. Hit the hammer on the ground and you can release a shockwave to nearby opponents and structures. You can also use this with Rocket Launchers and Grenades.

Heisted Blink Mag SMG

An exotic Heisted submachine with a heavy firing rate and accuracy. You can use two magazines to attack. The SMG has 270 DPS on average and can kill multiple targets in a single shot. Heisted Blink Mag SMG will be an excellent addition to your inventory and is already one of the best Fortnite weapons.

Heisted Run N Gun SMG

This  Exotic gun deals huge damage per second and can be utilized in all ranges. The slap effect allows you to reload while sprinting. You can reload 2 bullets in a second and launch heavy fire projectiles at nearby enemies. Heisted Run N Gun SMG uses light bullets and will be a lethal weapon against all kinds of opponents and structures.

Twin Mag SMG

A powerful fast-firing submachine gun that uses multiple magazines. Twin Mag reload time is quick and you can get this SMG in random spots. You can kill an opponent in a single shot and the damage per second is 200 on average. Twin Mag SMG is one of the top-tier weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4.

The Dub

The Exotic shotgun, Duh, uses shells as bullets and has one of the best damage and DPS in Fortnite. You can kill an opponent in 2 shots. The Dub is also an exotic variant of the Double Barrel Shotgun and has similar effects to Flint-Knock Pistol. Overall, the Dub is an excellent shotgun that can be used against enemies and structures in all Fortnite quests. Dub, the hitscan weapon can deal damage up to 18 meters. The Dub can be acquired from Surr Burger at Anvil Square for 600 Gold Bars 


A powerful marksman rifle with medium size bullets can be vulnerable against all enemies. DMR can be used in medium and long ranges. DMR can be used in  Fortnite squad mode battles.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

One of the best sniper rifles with a very good firing rate and damage. The rifle used heavy bullets and this may not get you the best DPS. Heavy Sniper Rifle works well against enemies and vehicles. You can use it for weekly Fortnite quests and other challenges.

Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle
Heavy Sniper

Thunder Shotgun

Thunder Shotgun is an excellent weapon for short range. This weapon is known for its perfect headshots. Thunder Shotgun has high damage stats, but the firing rate and accuracy will be low. You can use 2 shells and release 2 shots at a go.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launchers are the best explosive weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4. You can use it to demolish buildings, objects, doors, and other wooden structures. Rocket Launcher does not have a critical hit attack but has explosive firing rate. You can launch projectiles and deal explosive damage to all nearby enemies.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons
Rocket Launcher

Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle

The exotic sniper rifle can be used for long range combat and you need to use it well. With better accuracy and handling, you can defeat enemies from long distances. You can also use it to destroy wooden structures and other objects.

These are the best weapons with powerful stats to use in Fortnite Chapter 4 right now. Every weapon is unique and deals massive damage. You also need to use the best loadouts available in Fortnite to maximize the powers and stats of these explosive weapons.

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