Unveiling the Unvaulted Submachine Gun in Fortnite

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With our guide, you can easily unlock the Fortnite Unvaulted Submachine Gun and complete the latest quests.

Fortnite is an incredible action-adventure game where you can engage in various modes like Battle Royale, Creative, and Squad-based. The story travels in and around islands. There are different biomes on the map and you have to travel across all locations and Points of Interest to complete missions.  Fortnite has unique features and you will be able to change your characters and equip skins, outfits, and other cosmetics for them every time.

There are tons of weapons, explosives, bombs, and guns in Fortnite. All these can be used during quests and battles for all modes in the game. Without weapons, you can’t complete any mission or boss battle in the game.

The weapons in Fortnite range from SMG to Assault Rifles. Fortnite weapons work well in close-range and long-range. You can equip Fortnite weapons by completing missions, exploring random spots, and purchasing them from the in-game item shop as well. Every weapon grants unique powers and stats that you can take for battles on the islands.

Submachine Guns are primary weapons. Fortnite SMGs boast massive stats and damage powers. They are superior to other exclusive weapons in the game. Epic Games unvaults new SMGs regularly and you can get them by completing weekly quests. The latest SMG is the Unvaulted rarity. This is a special weapon and you must procure it to complete some quests in Fortnite Chapter 4. Here’s how to get the Fortnite Unvaulted Submachine gun.

How to Obtain the Fortnite Unvaulted Submachine Gun?

Fortnite Unvaulted Submachine gun

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, you have to get this new SMG that’s been released for an exclusive mission. Unvaulted Submachine Gun is a close-range weapon and can unleash firing attacks to nearby targets. Here are the best and most easiest ways to unlock the Fortnite Unvaulted Submachine gun,

  • You can look for this classic SMG from floor loot, ground loot, hidden treasure chests, holo-chests
  • You can also capture points of interest from the new jungle biome and get the weapon
  • You can spend some gold bars and purchase the weapon from NPCs and vending machines as well

There are the best ways to grab this limited-time more Unvaulted Submachine gun in Fortnite. The best way is to loot the item from a chest or eliminate enemies to get one. An exclusive weapon that deals over 30 DPS with an amazing firing rate and reload time. This weapon works only in short-range and can be highly effective as well.

That’s how you can get your hands on the latest classic SMG in Fortnite Wilds. The Unvaulted Submachine gun is required to overcome a challenge and you can use it for other regular missions. Also, complete all new Fortnite weekly quests and collect XP rewards. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon.

Is SMG good in Fortnite ?

Submachine Guns are powerful weapons in Fortnite and they can be used at close-range. It has better accuracy and firing rate as well.

Will Fortnite Chapter 5 Include a Racing Mode Feature?

Fortnite Chapter 5 is all so to include a new exclusive and stylish racing mode. There have been many talks about the same already and you can expect more updates in the coming days as well.

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