How to get the Burst Assault Rifle in Fortnite


Are you looking for the Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle? With this guide, you will be able to obtain the Burst Assault Rifle and use it to dominate the battlefield in Fortnite.

The Burst Assault Rifle is a powerful weapon in Fortnite that can be obtained through various sources in the game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, getting your hands on the Burst Assault Rifle can give you an edge in battle. 

In this guide, we will show you how to obtain the weapon in Fortnite, including where to find it, how to obtain it through fishing, and tips on how to use it in combat. With this guide, you will be able to obtain the Burst Assault Rifle and use it to dominate the battlefield in Fortnite.

Burst Assault Rifle
Burst Assault Rifle

Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle

On Tuesday, January 10, the v23.00 update for Fortnite was released, introducing a variety of changes to the game’s battle royale mode. One notable addition is the reintroduction of the Burst Assault Rifle. This weapon, which has had a tumultuous history in the game since its debut in 2017, can now once again be obtained by players in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. 

Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle Location

In Chapter 4 Season 1, players seeking to obtain a Burst Assault Rifle have multiple options available to them. The weapon can be found in various locations, including Chests, Rare Chests, Supply Drops, and floor loot. Another way to acquire the weapon is by fishing, with fishing spots yielding Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of the weapon. However, players should note that the Burst Assault Rifle cannot be found in Oathbound Chests.

Do regular gameplay

Obtaining a Burst Assault Rifle in Fortnite is likely to happen through regular gameplay, given the variety of sources from which it can be obtained. However, players can also take a more targeted approach by searching areas that have a high concentration of Chests and floor loot. Some recommended locations for this include Brutal Bastion, Faulty Splits, and Shattered Slabs, all of which have been marked on the map provided.

The Burst Assault Rifle is a two-round burst weapon with a headshot multiplier of 1.5x, but it does not have a scope. Although it can be effective at mid-range, it may not be as powerful as other options like the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. It is yet to be determined if this weapon will be widely used in the meta of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

Burst Assault Rifle
Burst Assault Rifle

The v23.00 update for Fortnite brought about several changes to the game, including the reintroduction of the Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle, which was one of the key updates. Another important update included the return of the Shockwave Hammer, a weapon that was temporarily disabled to fix a bug where players could exploit it to bounce infinitely. 

Additionally, the update also reactivated the Hurdling feature which was disabled on December 17, 2022. This feature allows players to quickly traverse over low obstacles in the game, providing a new way of mobility and strategy.

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