Is there a Fortnite x Pokemon Collab Event in 2023?

pokemon fortnite 2023

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Is there a Pokemon x Fortnite collab in 2023? Is it the biggest crossover of the two biggest games in the gaming world? Here is everything you should know about the Fortnite X Pokemon collab.

Epic Games has dropped a very unexpected bomb on its community. It has been officially confirmed that Pokemon is coming to Fortnite in 2023. An official trailer has confirmed the news and even the most popular Pokemon of the game, Pikachu, is anticipated to make an appearance in the Fortnite and Pokemon collaboration of 2023. The news of this collab has been in the air since last year and now it’s confirmed that it’s happening. This cross-over is happening in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Here is everything you should know about Fortnite x Pokemon collab eventthat is happening in 2023.

Fortnite x Pokemon 2023 Details

pokemon fortnite 2023
Fortnite x Pokemon

Pokemon and Pikachu are on their way to chapter 4 season 1 of Fortnite this very year. The date of Fortnite’s crossover event with Pokemon is yet to be announced, but undoubtedly it is scheduled for 2023.

Fans are anticipating that the Pokemon collaboration event is very near and will be launched soon. However, sadly no news of its release date has been teased yet, but we sure can wait and watch.

Epic Games has not lined up any big collaboration or event for the month of January in 2023 Reportedly, so we can only expect the game to be soon launching this crossover event.

As of now, you should know that no official dates for the launch of Fortnite and Pokemon collaboration have been confirmed by either of the gaming platforms. So if there are any rumors don’t believe them. Until you wait for this crossover you can polish your FPS skills on the battlefield or maybe go catch some Pokemon in Pokémon Go. You can even upgrade your level in Fortnite and earn some rewards till then.

Fortnite × Pokémon 2023 Rewards

If you are also excited about the Fortnite crossover with Pokémon, here is another detail about the event which would make you go head over heels.

The rewards that you will get when the event happens are Pickachu skin, Pikachu cosmetics, and other skins and cosmetics featuring popular Pokemon that you can unlock in the Fortnite × Pokmon event in 2023. You can buy and equip all these items from the Fortnite item shop. You can purchase all skins once they are all launched so be sure to stock up enough V-bucks in Fortnite in order to have access to it as soon as it’s released.

However, knowing the estimated price of Pokemon skins and cosmetic items would be difficult at this point as Fortnite has not released any information about the same.

You can watch the Fortnite X Pokemon official trailer here

Epic Games will not leave any stones unturned in this event. It will make sure that fans enjoy this collab event and experience the most of it. This would be one of the best combos Epic Games has ever come with!

This is all you need to know about the Fortnite and Pokemon collaboration of 2023. You can begin the countdown soon as this collab is going to happen very soon. We will keep you updated with all the news of this collaboration and make sure that you do not miss any updates.

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