How to Complete All Horde Challenges in Fortnite


If you want lots of rewards and want to earn some XP then you will have to quickly complete the Fortnite Horde Rush Challenges.

As part of Fortnitemares, the popular cooperative mode Horde Rush was brought back. In this mode, players battle waves of monsters while advancing through a map, earning scores multipliers, and attempting to survive a boss encounter. As players could not build structures to save themselves from the increasing hordes of creatures in this year’s version, it added a twist and made it more difficult.

The Halloween content in Fortnite is now over, but Epic Games has revealed Horde Rush isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. To replace Halloween content, Epic has added Horde Rush specific quests with new rewards. Here are all the Fortnite Horde Rush Challenges and their rewards.

Fortnite Halloween
Fortnite Halloween

How to Unlock Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick Back Bling in Fortnite is free to earn, whereas most cosmetics are available in the store. However, players need to complete 8 of the 11 Fortnite Horde Rush challenges in order to unlock it. There are a few that can pose a challenge, but players do not need to finish all of them to receive the cosmetic, so there’s a little wiggle room. Most of these are fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take long to complete.

As the Fortnitemares 2022 event is coming close to an end, Epic Games has dropped Fortnite 22.30 patch, adding a brand new set of Fortnite Horde Rush challenges. As a result, Horde Rush mode will remain in the game for two more weeks so that players can complete the challenges and earn exclusive rewards. So without any further delay, here’s a detailed rundown of all the Fortnite Horde Rush quests and rewards.

Fortnite Horde Rush Challenges

The Fortnite Horde Rush challenges offer 11 challenges for players: 

  1. In a single match, headshot Cube Monsters.
  2. Eliminate Cube Monsters
  3. Open Horde Rush’s chests
  4. Score multipliers 
  5. Use sideways weapons to destroy ranged Cube Monsters.
  6. Obtain a 50x KO Streak.
  7. Deal the Cube Monster spawners melee damage.
  8. Obtain 2,000,000 team points together.
  9. At least 350,000 Team Points must be collected in a single game.
  10. Remove explosive or poisonous Cube Monsters from a distance of at least 15 meters.
  11. Deal damage on Cube Monsters.
Fortnite Halloween
Fortnite Halloween


The recent Rick and Morty collaboration included Pickle Rick back bling. By completing eight Horde Rush quests, players can obtain this cosmetic item for free. As well as giving players XP for completing each quest, the Horde Rush mode will end on November 15. It’s a must to be done with the quests by then. To level up quickly in Fortnite, make sure you complete all of them.

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