How to Beat Buck in Cyberpunk 2077 – Beat on the Brat Arroyo

Buck Cyberpunk 2077

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Want to know how to beat Buck? This guide will give you all the information about Buck Cyberpunk 2077 so read till the end.

One of the more difficult fist fights in Cyberpunk 2077 is this one because Buck can deal a lot of damage with a single punch, to the point where 2-3 hits will cause you to lose, so you need to prepare accordingly beforehand. 

You will have to do lots of things, such as consuming boosts and food. As you approach him, he’ll talk about his unique rifle, O’Five. If you have 12 points in Body, you can comment on this which will give you the option to have him also put it up for grabs, so long as you are willing to fight him. If not, all you need is $6,000 to fight him.

EnemiesBuck Arnold, 6th Street members (dependent)
Quest GiverCoach Fred
LocationsArroyo, Santo Domingo
Nearest Fast Travel PointHargreaves St.
RewardsO’Five Power Sniple Rifle depending on the bet, 20 EXP, 460 Street Cred

Options in the fight 

You should be aware that if you get him to put up his sniper rifle when you win, he and his buddies will turn hostile and start firing at you. You may also use your own guns and kill them at this point. Once Buck’s body is dead, go collect the gun to complete the job. If you choose this method, you won’t receive your eddies automatically, but you’ll be able to grab the prize money.

As a result of the normal bet, Buck will tell you to leave if you win. You can leave the area directly, or you can talk to him. It’s up to you to provoke him or calm him down. You will be able to get Buck’s rifle O’Five immediately if you provoke him, and he and his friends will also start to attack you. Now that you know all these things, let’s learn how to beat Buck Cyberpunk 2077.

How to beat Buck Cyberpunk 2077

As soon as you reach the mission marker, walk around the busted truck and talk to Buck. If your level is 5, you can select a special blue option. When you select this, you will be able to bet $12,000 and a sniper. You can also choose the standard $2900 bet.

In addition to hitting really hard, Buck does nothing special or out of the ordinary. His punches do a lot of damage. Taking four hits from him at a moderate difficulty level will easily knock you out. You need to avoid his power attacks and not block them, because they will still hurt a great deal.


You should move in for two to three hits every time you dodge. After making those two or three hits, be prepared to dodge again because Buck is about to start swinging. Keep in mind that Buck never hits just a single punch when he attacks. We recommend avoiding him rather than attempting to block him, since he often throws four hits at you at a time.

As soon as you defeat Buck, he’ll sic his friends on you while attacking you again. Defeat them all in order to get Buck’s famous sniper rifle, the O’Five Power Sniper Rifle.

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