WOTLK Vault of Archavon – Location, Bosses, Tips and Tricks


Want to know the location, bosses, and all the other things about WOTLK Vault of Archavon? This article will guide you.

Those who control Winterspring Citadel, a tall building in the northern middle of the zone, will be able to gain access to Vault of Archavon, one of two raids. This raid appears either red or blue based on who controls it at the moment. The raid will be up for conquering every two hours. If the Alliance won last, the Horde must attack while the Alliance defends. The entrance is marked by arrows.

When the raid is available, you can queue or fly into the area to be automatically selected for the fight. For the raid, you don’t have to be a member of the winning team, just the winning faction. The raid is still undertaken by many players for the honor of getting the Grand Black War Mammoth. While you travel, the Mammoth can carry other players, so you can sit back and take care of them.

Vault of Archavon gameplay
Vault of Archavon gameplay

All four bosses have the ability to drop the Mammoth. You can solo the bosses and solo them all simultaneously after you reach level 100 and a little earlier. Do not worry if you don’t know anything about it. This article has all the details about locations and bosses of WOTLK Vault of Archavon along with some tips and tricks.

WOTLK Vault of Archavon: Location

You can get to Vault of Archavon fastest from anywhere other than Northrend by using a Legion Dalaran heathstone and then using your faction portal to your capital city. From the capital city, you need to use the Crystalsong Dalaran portal.

Vault of Archavon List of Bosses

Archavon the Stone Watcher

Despite Archavon’s enrage timer, he is a relatively straightforward fight. He has a few abilities that need to be dealt with, but nothing too difficult. However, because of his skills, he needs two tanks.

Emalon the Storm Watcher

It is the Storm Watcher boss in VOA who is accompanied by a group of four Tempest Minions guards. These guards respawn when they are killed, so it is not necessary to waste DPS on them except when needed. Instead, the off-tank simply holds them. While Emalon has several abilities, the guard explodes when overcharged.

Koralon the Flame Watcher

There are no adds in Koralon, but he does have one of the most treacherous abilities in WoW: dropping fire pools that players must avoid and not stand in. The ability to avoid being burned has been around for a long time, but very few WoW players understand the mantra. 

Toravon the Ice Watcher

The fourth boss in the Vault of Archavon is Toravon, who is ice-based. This is a fairly simple fight, and he drops some amazing gear in a short time. Tier 10 legs, gloves, and boots for each class as well as season 8 PVP boots and belts are all dropped by him. Finally, he drops two frost tokens.

Vault of Archavon gameplay
Vault of Archavon gameplay

Vault of Archavon Tips and Tricks

The bosses in the game can drop PvP or PVE gear of varying quality, for any class or spec in the game. This makes loot extremely random, as the gear may drop for a class or spec that isn’t present, or all the PVP or PVE gear might drop.

Both on 10 players and 25 players, there is an achievement for the player if they can gather all of the bosses and defeat them all.

A player cannot enter the raid while the PVP battle is being fought but can retrieve the gear after the fight. The first boss released in the raid, Archavon is located at the back of the room, while the higher gear drop bosses are located close to the entrance.

It is simply a matter of moving out of the cloud area and waiting for Archavon to return to the tank when he leaps at a player and places a choking cloud. Archavon is able to return as far and as fast as players stand apart. Therefore, it is important to not group up, but you should also not stand more than 30 yards apart either.

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