CoD Mobile All Operator Skills Ranked


If you are a CoD mobile fan then you must be wondering which are the best CoD Mobile Operator Skills. Well, we have ranked all of them for you.

Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the most popular games on mobile platforms. Combining an amazing combination of both graphics and gameplay for both multiplayer and battle royale modes, it has become one of the most played games within the COD franchise. The game never lets you stay away from it. It has fantastic details that will always excite you.

There are a number of features that can help boost your gameplay in COD Mobile and one of these are the Operator Skills. These are special weapons or equipment that can be used only for a limited amount of time. There are 19 CoD Mobile Operator Skills available for use and here are some of the best ones ranked. 

19) Gravity Vortex Gun

A heavy operator skill that resembles a semi-automatic weapon is the Gravity Vortex Gun. It can be used to launch a vortex projectile that can bend gravity. And once the vortex is gone, the explosion’s damage can reach the adversaries in the area. The main drawback of this device is that it takes so long to charge and drags the user to a sprint speed of 4.65 meters per second.

18) Munitions Box 

The Munitions Box is an Operator Skill that should be used by a support player. It offers five to ten pieces of ammunition as well as grenades that can be used by any team member. This weapon’s description in the game warns players to “shoot at your own risk,” implying that while the firepower will be there, it is up to them to use it effectively.

17) Annihilator 

The game’s description of the Annihilator already sums it up. A “high material penetration ammo at the cost of accuracy” is how one weapon is described. Its shots might be lethal, but the issue would be aiming. But since using it at close range is the best option for it, those who can aim effectively while moving may demonstrate that it is one of the most useful CoD Mobile Operator Skills.

16) Kinetic Armor 

Enemy bullets can be reactively deflected away from your character’s body by the Kinetic Armor. Additionally, using this will give you an extra 150 HP, but you won’t be protected from attacks with melee weapons, explosives, or shots to the lower body and head. After taking a significant amount of damage, the Kinetic Armor will also become disabled.

15) Sparrow 

The Sparrow can be used to the advantage of those who enjoy aiming powerful shots. This Operator Skill allows the user to fire from any distance, but to fully maximize its damage output, it is best used at close range. Considering that the Sparrow has a 30-second usage window per full charge, position yourself to maximize damage to the foes. Sparrow is one of the best CoD Mobile Operator Skills. 

14) Tempest

The Tempest can fire lightning bolts when you hold its fire button for a couple of seconds. It can strike up to nine enemies at once, but using it in close-quarters combat may be difficult because you need a lot of time to hold and fire into your target. The better choice would be to use it at long range, but doing so might be difficult.

13) Gravity Spikes 

Use the Operator Skill Gravity Spikes to instantly destroy any enemies in your path. Players can jump forward with these two pieces of equipment within an eight-meter radius, and an explosion that may occur is also capable of traveling up to eight meters. The drawbacks of these, however, include the four-minute charging time and the fact that when you land it on the ground, it doesn’t kill anyone who jumps.

12) War Machine 

War Machine is the Operator Skill you should choose if you want to use a grenade launcher. Due to its ability to instantly eliminate any enemies it encounters, CoD: Mobile refers to its payload as “devastating.” However, those who would wear a Blast Vest could be shielded from the explosions the War Machine can produce because its bullets are actually grenades. 

Nevertheless, this is a reliable weapon that, when used properly, is dangerous. If you are someone who likes killing enemies with grenades, then the War Machine is one of the best CoD Mobile Operator Skills. 

War machine operator skill
War machine operator skill

11) TAK-5

TAK-5 stands for Triage Activation Kit and is best used as a support tool by players. It can help you heal and also grant a boost of 70 HP for your whole team. When used at the correct timing, it can help you be prone to attacks from enemies. 

10) Shadow Blade

You can make use of the Shadow Blade if you want to use a CoD Mobile Operator Skills that only need to kill a target one shot. With the ability to swiftly dispatch enemies within close proximity, this sword allows you to see who is capable of being instantly killed from a third-person perspective. You can see your enemies while using the Shadow Blade, even if they are hiding behind the smoke.

9) Equalizer 

The Equalizer can be advantageous for close-quarters combatants. So if you are someone who always engages in close shootings then you can go with the Equalizer. These two tiny machine guns have a burst rate of 31 rounds per second and a maximum rate of nearly 2,000 rounds per minute at close ranges of 15 to 20 meters. The best candidates to use the Equalizer are those who would choose to move quickly.

8) Ballistic Shield 

The Ballistic Shield is a vertical shield that has a machine gun built into it. Players who attack in close-quarters combat, especially those who are at ease moving quickly, should use this the most. In addition to its pistol, you can smash enemies with it to deal decent damage.

7) Transform Shield 

The Transform Shield, also known as the Operator Skill, is primarily used as a defensive weapon but has damage-dealing potential. Through the use of radiation, its expandable shield can continuously inflict damage, reducing the opponents’ speed and damaging their health. 

Just take caution when using explosive weapons, like grenades, as they can quickly demolish the shield. This is on our list of best CoD Mobile Operator Skills because it can attack and defend at the same time.

6) Death Machine 

The Death Machine is a dangerous Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile that can fire volleys of big bullets with gradually improving accuracy. However, because this is a large firearm, your movement might be restricted. With its range, you can potentially hit and kill enemies at almost any distance, which is extremely outstanding. 

5) H.I.V.E

Players who enjoy using snipers and camping in specific covert locations in the field will benefit most from using H.I.VE. If an enemy rushes into the area where you set it up, this can lay mines that can be used. The H.I.V.E will then be activated, killing the adversaries along with a swarm of nano drones. Remember that even if you don’t use the mines, they will be destroyed if you die.

4) Reactor Core 

If you are into blowing up stuff, then Reactor Core is just the right operator skill for you. This weapon has the power to completely change the course of a game, especially with its capacity to radiate heat and deal tremendous damage over a wide area. When you use it, your character view also changes to a third-person viewpoint.

3) Bull Charge 

The Bull Charge is a dual-purpose weapon that can be used on offense and defense. When you charge forward while holding it, it can hurt your opponents and shield your character’s upper body from bullets. It is also one of the most mobile Operator Skills, allowing you to use it in action-packed gameplay as you enter the field and engage with enemies.

2) Purifier 

The Purifier is the first Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile, and it has a 12-meter blasting radius. One strike from the fire can already destroy an opponent’s HP, making this potentially fatal. The Purifier can be used by players who enjoy close combat with foes, especially those who have quick jumping and movement skills. Just keep in mind to use it properly, as you could lose your life if the fire you blew struck you. 

1) K9

The K9 unit is currently CoD: Mobile’s best and most potent Operator Skill. One bite from this wild dog can result in death. In comparison to other Operator Skills, the K9 unit’s gauge fills up quickly. The dog can, however, also be quickly killed by an adversary, which is a drawback. However, the K9 unit is one of the most consistent Operator Skills in the game and is the best choice in terms of consistency.

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So these were all the CoD Mobile Operator Skills ranked for you.

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