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Want to know the release date, gameplay, and more details about Mario Rabbids Spark of Hope? Then read this article till the end.

Ubisoft Milan has developed a turn-based strategy video game titled Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope for the Nintendo Switch. Published by Ubisoft Paris, the game is a crossover between Nintendo’s Mario franchise and Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise. It is the sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (2017).). In this article, we are going to give you all the details about Mario Rabbids Spark of Hope, so read till the end.

Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope


An inventor in Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle accidentally steals a powerful invention she created. Beep-0, her loyal robot companion, is sucked into a wormhole that takes him to Mario and his friends’ alternate dimension. Using this technology, a confused Rabbid mixes a number of characters from the Mario universe with his own kind, resulting in the Mario Rabbid hybrid monster destroying the world.

As Luma and Rabbids unite in Sparks of Hope, players soar into space when Sparks are created. Now, a dangerous villain named Cursa hopes to conquer the universe by consuming as many Sparks as possible.

Mario Rabbids Spark of Hope Release Date

We need to wait just a couple of days for Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope to arrive, as it’s scheduled to launch on October 20th according to the Nintendo Switch Direct Mini.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope gameplay 

In Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, players will take control of three characters as they traverse vibrant worlds in turn-based combat scenes. Dash attacks, team jumps, and special moves will be necessary for players to win. The dash attack allows characters to run through enemies and deal damage with a set amount of damage by using their limited movement.

With team jump, characters can use each other as trampolines for reaching higher ground or crossing gaps. Mario, for instance, can even hit an enemy’s head with a team jump to deal damage. Luigi is able to auto-shoot enemies that take a move action in his line of sight, while Mario is able to boost the damage of his party members, assuming they are close enough to him. Each character has a special move. With the use of their own primary and secondary weapons, each character can be customized.

There is a drastic change in the way players move in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Players will no longer need a cursor to select where they move but instead can freely move around the battlefield. As far as Sparks of Hope is concerned, it appears to feature open areas with enemies scattered around the world that will force you to engage in instanced combat. The player will be encouraged to explore and will have the option of avoiding combat, which is pretty thrilling.

Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope Gameplay
Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope Gameplay

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope trailer 

There have been two trailers released for Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. As a pre-rendered cinematic, the first shows how Luma’s DNA somehow crosses with Rabbid’s, creating the Sparks in the title. A mysterious figure crushes some Sparks in a projection as his boney hands crush some Sparks. After picking up their weapons, our heroes head to the armory for help.

Upon landing on a mysterious planet, our heroes are revealed to have an elemental Spark floating above them as they step out of their ship. In the Sparks of Rabbid Rosalina, Rabbid Peach, and Mario, the colors are icy blue, red, and yellow dust. Our heroes face a slew of baddies, so they gather together for a big battle, and the title screen appears.

As compared to its predecessor, Sparks of Hope will feature open areas that allow players to explore the game non-linearly. This trailer gives fans a preview of what to expect. The roaming enemy will follow you if you get too close to it instead of battles occurring on a forced path at key times. If that enemy makes contact with your party, it’ll force you into an instance.

You no longer get to choose where you want to travel on the battlefield, which is another significant change. Instead, you’ll control your character freely inside the arena using the joystick.

Additionally, Ubisoft has shown off a narrated gameplay demo of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, which explores exploration, combat capabilities, new allies, and saving the sparks.

New Characters

New playable characters will be included in Sparks of Hope, and Rabbid Rosalina appears in the reveal trailer, which suggests Rosalina will also be playable. There are also the titular Sparks, which are the result of Luma and Rabbid merging together; they help players in battle.

The Sparks of Hope website indicates that you can build your dream team with nine heroes. Considering that all Mario characters usually have their own Rabbid counterparts, this number is a bit odd. It is possible that the mysterious Rabbid that appears alongside our heroes in promotional material will break the trend and be the ninth character to do so.

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