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If you are playing A Plague Tale Requiem then wait for some time and take a look at this article that has 10 things that you should know.

Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment have developed and published the action-adventure stealth video game A Plague Tale Requiem. This is the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019), following siblings Amicia and Hugo de Rune in Southern France in search of a cure for Hugo’s blood disease while fleeing soldiers of the Inquisition and rats.

Requiem is a third-person action-adventure game similar to its predecessor. In the game, the player controls the character Amicia while facing both French Inquisition soldiers and black plague rats. In this article, there are 10 things that you should know about A Plague Tale Requiem.

Family Theme 

This game emphasizes the importance of family as one of its central themes. This game emphasizes the concept of familial power in all its beats, from Amicia’s walk through the Estate woods and her father’s lessons to the poignant and emotional moments between her and Hugo. Throughout the story, especially between Amicia and Hugo, family is a constant theme.

When they have each other’s backs, they are able to avoid many of the dangerous circumstances they encounter. They both experience some terrible and downright awful events together.

A Plague Tale Requiem Combat System

It is a largely similar game to the first one, but with a significantly improved combat system. Amicia’s weapons include a knife she can use to stab enemies, a sling she can use to throw rocks, and a crossbow that she can use to destroy armored opponents easily. Alchemical mixtures can be used to combine crossbow bolts, pots, and rocks. The game adds tar, which expands the light source’s radius and may be used to burn foes, in addition to Ignifer and Extinguis, which let players start and put out flames, respectively.

More Stealth

There are new stealth options in Requiem. Unlike Innocence, Amicia won’t die after being hit once by an enemy. She can also return to stealth after being discovered by an enemy and counterattack their attacks if she gets too close.

Rats in A Plague Tale Requiem

Asobo announced one of the most impressive, albeit slightly worrying features of Requiem was that it would employ up to 300,000 rats. As opposed to before, where the story only rendered 5,000 rats at a time, Requiem will have up to 300,000. As a result, players will be forced to endure the swarms in much larger numbers than in the original, making it more of a scary action movie than a gentle one.


White Rats

A key villain in the game and leader of the Inquisition, Vitalis, secretly bred a hyper-powerful type of rat; the white rat, using the power of rats. As these white rats are controlled only by Vitalis, they are a big boon to Amicia and Hugo. While regular rats attack at random, spreading diseases and swarming at random, white rats are mostly benign until Vitalis controls them. Once Hugo gains the ability to command every rat, this perspective change is introduced into the story.

Side Characters

There are plenty of side characters in this game’s story, who are both interested in helping or hindering them. Melie and Arthur, twins on the run from the Inquisition, end up becoming quite significant to the plot. In the midst of evading their captors, Melie and Arther cause a lot of uproar as thieves and looters.

According to the narrative arcs, Melie and Arthur remain with Amicia and Hugo until he is healed, helping them in their quest. These two have been forced to conduct minor crimes in order to live since they fled their violent father.

Progression System

Additionally, the player will be given additional skills and abilities as they progress through the game. Those who prefer a more lethal approach will gain additional combat skills, while stealth players will gain skills that allow them to sneak around more efficiently. At workbenches, players can also upgrade their equipment and gear.

Hugo’s Abilities

As part of his connection to the plague, Hugo can use a magic ability called Echo that reveals the locations of enemies through walls. Hugo is also able to control hordes of rats to overpower foes. Unsurprisingly, these infected rats receive a lot of attention in Requiem. Thanks to his link to the plague, Hugo is now able to use these swarms to his benefit, either for solving puzzles or eliminating enemies.

Story of The De Rune Estate

Besides Amicia and Hugo, the De Rune Estate also houses their father Robert, and mother Beatrice, an alchemist, as well as family staff and servants. It is here that players discover Hugo’s illness, which has affected him since birth. 

Although Beatrice has devoted much of her time, energy, and love to find a cure for Hugo, she has been unable to succeed. Inquisition Knights, led by Lord Nicholas, raid the De Rune Estate early in the game. Before Beatrice is killed, Amicia and Hugo have led away from the estate after the Inquisition slaughters many of the servants and Robert and Beatrice.


Forbidden Book

There is a central theme of curing Hugo in A Plague Tale: Innocence, so a major focus is then on figuring out what their mother’s alchemical work was. Eventually, Lucas learns of an elixir that holds great promise with the help of Amicia and Hugo. The Sanguinis Itinera is a mysterious and sacred book that is said to contain the knowledge they need to complete the elixir. It is said that Lucas discovers this book at a later point in the game.

Getting to this book, however, requires investigating the closed university library. Amicia is determined to infiltrate this library to find the forbidden alchemic book which will end Hugo’s suffering, but unfortunately, this library is close to the Cathedral, which is the home of the Inquisition.

The plague that sweeps across the land takes its toll both on the people and the locations. One early-game village, in particular, hides away in its homes and locks its doors and windows against travelers in order to avoid contact.

So this was everything you needed to know about A Plague Tale Requiem. 

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