How to beat 13-30 in the Cookie Run Kingdom


Want to know how to beat the Cookie Run Kingdom 13-30? It is very difficult so you will have to read everything very carefully in order to progress.

A city-building and RPG game, Cookie Run: Kingdom has a variety of different game modes in which players build their own Cookie Kingdom and collect and use Cookies from the game’s gacha system to fight for victory. There are more than 70 playing Cookies in the game, which are used as the main fighting units for each mode.

Generally speaking, these Cookies must be obtained through the game’s gacha, which can be activated by spending Crystals. Crystals can either be earned in the game through various methods or purchased with real-life money. The player can place these Cookies in teams of five each.

Cookie run Kingdom 13-30 gameplay
Stage 13-30 gameplay (YouTube)

Now, there is a final stage in the Cookie Run Kingdom known as 13-30. If you are not having strong cookies and the right strategy then it might be impossible for you to complete this stage. So, what is the easiest way to complete the Cookie Run Kingdom 13-30? You will get the answer below as we will be guiding you to complete this stage with some tips and tricks.

How to complete the Cookie Run Kingdom 13-30

Living Licorice Abyss has more than three million health points in Cookie Run Kingdom 13-30. This makes this stage more difficult. How? Well, this boss can even steal your health and even stun you. This is why we were saying that without powerful heroes and the right strategy, it is very difficult for you to complete it. 

Not just cookies but you will need some of the best scrolls of Cookie Run Kingdom. The best option you can have against this boss is Bookseller’s Monocle. Using this scroll will restore 30% of each cookie’s maximum health once every 40 seconds. You can choose other scrolls as well. Rather than improving attack power alone, we suggest increasing survivability.

Best Cookies for Cookie Run Kingdom 13-30

Now that you know what scroll to use, you will now need the best cookies on your team. Below we are listing some cookies that are a good option.

Stage 13-30 gameplay
Stage 13-30 gameplay (YouTube)

Dark Choco Cookie

The 20% DEF Down debuff he inflicts on a whole group of enemies is quite impressive. His skill can hit very large targets three times, causing the DEF Down debuff to stack on the unfortunate victims three times. Despite being an AOE cookie, they’re still a very viable option in some boss fights.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Herb instantly heals the entire party for at least 100% of its ATK stat. He also adds up to 20% of each cookie’s HP to the shield he gives to the team. While Herb’s instant heal, about 40-50% of his ATK, and his Area Heal over time theoretically provide more health over a longer period of time, the cookies must stay still for this to work. In addition to providing an even stronger heal, Pure Vanilla’s ability to shield against damage can be the difference between a total party kill, and an exciting counterattack. 

Dark Cacao Cookie

Dark Cacao unleashes a lot of debuffs on the enemy. The Injury debuff lowers the enemy’s max HP temporarily making their healers less effective. In addition to being unable to fully heal the victims for the duration, they are also more susceptible to follow-up attacks from Sea Fairy. The Injury debuff can also stack up to 25% of the enemy’s max HP, and cannot be dispelled unless it is specifically stated in the skill, so Herb won’t be able to remove it.

Dark cacao cookie
Dark cacao cookie (YouTube)

Caramel Arrow Cookie

As a Charge cookie, she has a highly offensive stat line, which is what allows her to last exceptionally long considering her type of cookie. Her skills are what really make her stand out, however, she leaps to the rear like Madeleine, and starts shooting arrows at her opponents. When she stops shooting, the Arrow Marks she has stacked on the enemy explode.

Eclair Cookie

They have a mixture of a statline that is near Magic cookie level ATK. A target priority based on who has the highest ATK on the enemy team, a powerful skill that deals frightful damage, and a stackable debuff that makes their target take more damage from other players if they hadn’t already died.

Wildberry Cookie

Wildberry Cookie appears to be geared towards fighting against the current meta teams. Despite the skill’s complex description, how it actually works is easy to understand: during its active phase, the more hits Wildberry takes for his team, the harder his attack hits. With his final punch, he gains an additional 35.3% of his ATK for every hit he takes, hitting a maximum of 30 times for a whopping 1059% damage. However, if he’s fighting an equal opponent, he will stack about 15 before the big punch.

You can use the above cookies as they are strong enough to beat the 13-30. Now that you know about the strengths of these cookies, use them with all you got and beat 13-30 easily.

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