Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List June 2022


With over 50 cute little cookies that pack a massive punch, it can be difficult to choose the best one. Here is our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list with all the details to help you choose the best cookie for you.

Cookie Run Kingdom is a stage-based RPG battler with some entertaining base-building mechanics. Cookies are selected from a constantly changing gacha system. Cookies of all rarities have a place on the proper team and will help you through some of the game’s most difficult obstacles when combined with equipment, experience, and a few other progression techniques. If you love gacha games, you can check out our list of Best Gacha Games in 2021.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Every cookie has a place in this inventive little mobile RPG’s 250+ battlefields, but some are inherently better than others. So, before you spend thousands of gems on the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom banner, check out the tier list below to see if you’d be better off saving them for the next cookie to come out of the oven.

S+ Tier Cookies

These are some of the best cookies in the game right now. They are wreck opponents in PvP battles and are very reliable in PvE. Since they are the current meta, you will see them all over the place. 

Hollyberry CookieAncientDefenceFront
Moon Rabbit CookieEpicDefenceFront
Espresso CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Black Raisin CookieEpicAmbushMiddle
Latte CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Sea Fairy CookieLegendaryBomberMiddle
Pure Vanilla CookieAncientHealingRear
Dark Choco CookieEpicChargeFront
Sorbet Shark CookieEpicAmbushMiddle
S+ tier Cookie
Hollyberry Cookie

S Tier Cookies

They are great support cookies that work well with the S tier cookies. Even if you don’t have any one of the S tier cookies from our list, you can still demolish the competition with cookies from this list. The only reason they didn’t make it to the S tier is that in the current meta they are slightly less powerful.

Herb CookieEpicHealingRear
Mango CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Frost Queen CookieLegendary MagicMiddle
Licorice CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Pomegranate CookieEpicSupportRear
Vampire CookieEpic AmbushRear
Strawberry crepe CookieEpic DefenceFront
Pumpkin Pie CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Red Velvet CookieEpicChargeFront
Milk CookieEpic DefenceFront
Mint Choco CookieEpicSupportRear
Pastry CookieEpicRangedRear
Raspberry CookieEpicChargeFront
Cotton CookieEpicSupportRear
Lilac CookieEpicSupportMiddle
Sonic CookieSpecialAmbushMiddle
S tier cookie
Vampire Cookie

A Tier Cookies

These are some decent cookies with great stats. They can be very useful in specific situations and work well paired with other cookies. They are overshadowed by the cookies in the higher tiers. You can also use them as replacements till you get better cookies.

Custard Cookie IIIRareHealingRear
Princess CookieRareChargeFront
Poison Mushroom CookieEpicBomberMiddle
Tiger Lily CookieEpicRangedRear
Rye CookieEpicRangedRear
Almond CookieEpicSupportRear
Sparkling CookieEpicHealingRear
Cherry CookieRareBomberRear
Avocado CookieRareDefenceFront
Adventurer CookieRareAmbushMiddle
Fig CookieEpicSupportMiddle
Squid Ink CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Madeline CookieEpicDefenceFront
Parfait CookieEpicSupportRear
A tier cookie
Poison Mushroom Cookie

B Tier Cookies

These are the average cookies in the game. They are not bad but they aren’t that good either. Some of these have decent stats but one low stat that makes them underpowered. They can be used as fillers or substitutes till you get a better one.

Tails CookieSpecialAmbushMiddle
Kumiho CookieEpicChargeFront
Cream Puff CookieEpicSupportRear
Carrot CookieRareSupportMiddle
Purple Yam CookieEpicChargeFront
Chili Pepper CookieEpicAmbushMiddle
Onion CookieRareSupportMiddle
Devil CookieRareMagicMiddle
B tier cookie
Carrot Cookie

C Tier Cookies

These are some of the below-average cookies in the game. They have no particular benefit in PvP or PvE. They can be used in the early game phase of the game. But beyond that, you should ditch them as they start to dip in performance.

Angel CookieCommonHealingRear
Blackberry CookieRareMagicRear
Snow Sugar CookieEpicMagicMiddle
Pancake CookieRare AmbushRear
Gumball CookieRareBomberRear
c tier cookie
Snow Sugar Cookie

D Tier Cookie

These are some of the worst tier cookies in the game. They need some significant buffs to make them viable. They have a great design otherwise they are pretty lacklustre. You can use them if you want to have some fun or troll your opponents.

Knight CookieRareDefenceFront
Beet CookieCommonRangedRear
Strawberry CookieCommonDefenceFront
Werewolf CookieEpicChargeFront
d tier cookie
Werewolf Cookie

F Tier Cookies

These are the worst cookies in the game. They have no distinct use or any good stats. You should use them only if you have played the game for a long time and want a challenge.

Alchemist CookieRareBomberMiddle
Wizard CookieCommonMagicMiddle
Muscle CookieCommonChargeFront
Ninja CookieCommonAmbushRear
Clover CookieRaresupportRear
f tier cookie
Ninja Cookie

This was our tier list for all the Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. You can use this as a guide to improve your gameplay and win more games. 

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