How to Find Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG in Fortnite

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The Fortnite Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG is a great weapon for close-range combat. It deals high damage and has a fast fire rate.

Fortnite players are well-known with the appeal of Heisted Weapons, a challenging arsenal designed to tip the scales of battle in your favor. However, a challenge accompanies their addition—these prized arms are concealed within chests, safeguarded by locks that can only open with two keys. Dive into this guide to reveal the secrets of obtaining keys, discovering chests, and claiming Exotic guns in the latest season of the game. You can also try out different weapons like Pump Shotgun, Primal Flame Bow & Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, Firework Flare Gun, and more.

Fortnite Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG

The Fortnite Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG emerges as an amazing Submachine Gun. Its grand entrance took place in Chapter 4: Season 1, showing in a new era of firepower. It stands as the Exotic version of the famous Submachine Gun. Known for its rapid fire capability, the Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG presents a Slap Effect upon wielders. 

You can also reload it during sprinting. A unique quirk is it’s fast reload, with one bullet seamlessly filled per second, ultimately restoring 2 bullets in the same time frame. This Submachine Gun relies on Fortnite Light Bullets and boasts a headshot multiplier of 1.5x. Notably, it operates as a hitscan weapon, lacking the First Shot Accuracy. A convenient part is the ability to reload the Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG while aiming, maximizing tactical potential. Heisted weapons are always the best.

How to get the Fortnite Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG

To add this Exotic weapon to your arsenal, the journey begins in Chapter 4: Season 3 through an engagement with the Holo Chest. Solving its secrets inlcudes the discovery of not one, but two keys, necessary to unlock its contents. Chapter 4: Season 1 introduced the gaming community to the concept of Holo Chests—mysterious boxes that open their treasures only when the corresponding keys are procured from hidden locations across the map. These chests wield a unique characteristic: the capacity to project a holographic display of the concealed weapon or item. 

Upon attaining the key, players are granted access to the two lock Holo Chest of their choosing and greeted with the item shown in the holographic projection. The previous season witnessed a staggering count of 42 Holo Chests. However, these precious chests are strategically positioned within less-traveled corners of the island, their locations are plotted and revealed through a visual guide.

Emerging as a prime contender, the Mega City biome stands out with its unparalleled abundance of Holo Chests among all biomes. A notable instance harks back to the snow biome, where players in the prior season discovered more than 11 chests with the aid of their acquired keys. Getting the top tier weapons in Fortnite is a must.

How to get the keys

The effort to locate keys may sometimes be an annoying hunt, but creative solutions exist to streamline the process. Use the Keymaster Augment as a potent tool, offering dual keys in a single go. Alternatively, the path to acquiring keys opens with the opportunity to procure them from CRZ-8, a merchant on the Fortnite island, at a cost of 100 gold bars per key.

While tracking down keys is a comparatively straightforward, unearthing a Holo Chest harboring a Heisted Exotic introduces an additional layer of complexity. Resourceful players would do well to frequent Gas Stations scattered across the Fortnite landscape, for these enclaves boast a 100% probability of spawning Holo Chests.

Holo chests
Holo chests

More About Fortnite Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG

When you pick the Fortnite Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG, it changes color slightly, like a light show. It looks like another gun called Neon Pulse, but that one never came out. This special gun is like a fancier version of a regular Submachine Gun. It looks a lot like the Compact SMG and works almost the same as the Machine SMG. In Chapter 4: Season 1, they made a bunch of ways to get this incredible gun

You could trade 750 Bars at special machines to get it, like swapping a prize for your coins. And there’s also the Exotic Grab Bag Augment that gives you a chance to get it too and level up quickly. Here’s a fun fact: a while ago, they thought about making another gun with a similar name. It was going to be like the Rapid Fire SMG and make players run faster when they use it. But they didn’t finish making that one. If you’re not an SMG person, then take out the Thermal DMR.


Where can I find the Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG? 

You can find the Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG in Holo-Chests, which are scattered around the map.

Is the Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG a good weapon?

The Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG is a very good weapon for close-range combat. It deals high damage and has a fast fire rate. However, it is not as good for long-range combat.

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