Fortnite Weapon Tier List – Best Guns in June 2022

Fortnite Weapon Tier List

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Here is our Fortnite Weapon Tier List where you can find the best weapons in the game right now.

The new Fortnite season has arrived, bringing with it dozens of new weapons and gear for players to try out and use against their opponents. Many old fan favorites have been retired in favor of newer, improved ones. Even classics like AR and the Pistol are no longer available.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Fortnite weapons based on analytics, user feedback, and personal experiences with Epic Games’ battle royale game to help you achieve that precious Victory Royale.

Fortnite Weapon Tier List

S Tier – The weapons on this list are ones you can rely on completely. You’ll find a way to get a frag or two in every gunfight if you use them properly.

A Tier – This tier’s weapons are also reliable, but there is a little learning curve. Despite the fact that these weapons are effective, not everyone will go for them first.

B Tier – These are pretty decent weapons. If you don’t have any other options, you might wish to consider these weapons.

C Tier – These are some of the below-average weapons in the game. 

D Tier – These weapons are currently considered the worst in the game.

SThermal Scoped Assault Rifle, Stinger SMG, Combat SMG
AHunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Striker Burst Rifle, Drum Shotgun
BSidearm Pistol, Ranger Assault Rifle
CAuto Shotgun, Revolver
DStriker Pump Shotgun
Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2
Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2

Striker Burst Rifle

On our list of best Fortnite weapons, this new weapon is a fine alternative for the MK-Seven Assault Rifle. It’s a semi-automatic gun with two shots that each do a lot of damage. If you’re concerned about missing these shots, it, like the MK-Seven, uses the scope when aiming.

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle isn’t the best sniper we’ve seen before in Fortnite, but it’s your only acceptable option now, so having one is a good thing. Besides, even if you don’t have full Shields, a really nice headshot can still get you a one-shot kill on an enemy.

Stinger SMG

This SMG is a spray-and-pray machine gun designed to bombard your opponent from close range. It’s the gun you’ll switch to in a fight when you need to shred down those buildings and deadly shots, with a reload time of 2.25 seconds, a mag size of 30, and a DPS of 264. While the Combat has more DPS, it also has a lot of recoil, therefore the Stinger is a little safer.

Fortnite Gameplay
Fortnite Gameplay

Sidearm Pistol

The Sidearm Pistol has proven its value on so many occasions, doing incredible amounts of damage at close range, particularly headshots, and reloading quickly. With a reload speed of 1.26 seconds, this sidearm pistol has earned an item slot and should not be overlooked, especially as it can deal 209.25 DPS with a 15-round magazine.

Auto Shotgun

The Drum Shotgun has returned in Chapter 3 Season 2, although the Auto Shotgun remains our preferred weapon. It’s quick, and it does a lot of damage, but keep in mind that once your magazine is empty, the reload speed takes a while to close the gap.

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