Genshin Impact Mysterious Ore – All Locations and Farming Guide

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Collecting Genshin Impact mysterious ore can be tricky. So, check our guide to find all locations to farm these rare items.

Genshin Impact 4.2 season is live with new content and world quests. New quest items have been added in all major spots of Fontaine. Players have to find an important quest item called the Mysterious Ore. Mysterious Ore is a rare quest item that’s scattered across the Fontaine and you have to collect 7 items to unlock a hidden secret treasure chest.

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Out of 7, some of these are found near the Liffey region and Fontaine Research Institute. You can also farm another quest item called the Arkhium Stock after gathering all 7 items. All 7 Mysterious Ore will spawn in different locations and you have to get to these spots before others go. So, find the locations to collect all 7 Genshin Impact Mysterious Ore items from our guide here.

Genshin Impact Mysterious Ore All Locations

Finding the mysterious ore item can be challenging. But this item is essential and grants some incredible loot rewards. So, find all Mysterious Ore locations in Genshin Impact here,

Genshin Impact mysterious ore
Mysterious Ore
  • Location 1 – You can claim the first ore after completing the world quest, Road to the Singularity, in Fontaine Research Institute. The ore spawns inside a glowing chest which can be found underground. You have to defeat some enemies before unlocking the chest.
  • Location 2 – While you complete the world quest, An Eye for an Eye, you can travel to the Geode Mine Shaft section and find the item inside the Fortress of Meropide
  • Location 3 – Travel to Liffey region and slay the monster, Thorny Cyst and collect the ore as a chest reward for beating this boss
  • Location 4 – After completing the Treacherous Light of the Depth quest, you will get access to the underwater cavern. Claim the ore from the  lowest level of water tunnel
  • Location 5 – Next, you have to beat the Prototype Cal. Breguet boss in the Academic Assembly Hall. The ore can be collected as a reward at the top level in the ruins.
  • Location 6 – Reach the sub-area near Fontaine Institute called Central Laboratory Ruins. You can find the ore under a rubble that’s located near a building and Allogravity-Condensed Water Body
  • Location 7 – The final Mysterious Ore is located in the eastern part of Fontaine Institute. Travel to the Hilichur village and collect the ore from the top level of the Mecha Totem

These are the locations to find Genshin Impact mysterious ore. After securing all 7 items, you can craft the Arkhium Stock. Also, you can claim the Wonders of the World achievement called the “Come on out, Mystery Ore! Grant my wish! Collect all 7 items from the mentioned spots and complete new world quests as well. The latest Genshin Impact season has arrived and you can unleash the full potential of Furina during her archon quest.

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Genshin Impact Mysterious Ore - All Locations and Farming Guide 4


Who is Genshin Impact Furina?

Furina is the latest playable unit in Genshin Impact. The best ascension and talent materials for Furina are Varunada Lazarite Gemstone, Whopperflower Nectar, Shimmering Nectar, and Lakelight Lily. These can be farmed by completing quests and weekly events.

Who is the Next Playable Character in Genshin Impact?

Navia, the five-star Geo element character is an upcoming playable unit from the Fontaine region of Genshin Impact. She will use a long-range claymore as her primary signature weapon.

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