All Energy Concentrating Component Locations in Genshin Impact



Collecting all seven Energy Concentrating Components in Genshin Impact will unlock an exclusive achievement.

With the Genshin Impact 4.1 update, new world quests and challenges have been added. Travelers have to complete puzzle quests and side quests. One of many quests involves Energy Concentrating Components. There are 7 of these quest items scattered across locations in the Fontaine region.

This quest item can be earned by defeating the Imperfect Meks in the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region and Liffey Region. But it doesn’t come every time, so you have to explore the Fontaine region to find all 7 components. Once you gather everything, you will be able to unlock the Luxurious Chest in Kuisel’s Clockwork Workshop. So, discover all locations to find Energy Concentrating Components in Genshin Impact.

All Energy Concentrating Component Locations in Genshin Impact!

With the Energy Concentrating Components, you can open the luxurious chest and unlock the achievement called, The Worst! Fontaine’s Eight Evil Clockwork Knights! Here are all the locations to find Energy Concentrating Components,

Genshin Impact energy Concentrating Components
Quest item in Genshin Impact
  • You will automatically unlock two Energy components by completing the 20th step of the world quest, Road to the Singularity. The location is Kuisel’s Clockwork Workshop (lower level)
  • The next Energy Concentrating Component spawns south of the shallow pool. You can access this from north of the teleport waypoint from the Fontaine Research Institute
  • Travel to the North of  the Court of Fontaine and get one from the mountainside
  • Another component is located in the tunnels of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse Arena. Interact with the tunnel and unlock the quest item
  • Travel to the east of Mont Esus teleport waypoint and reach the tower near the broken bridge section. Here, you have to activate the mechanism to unlock the quest item
  • Go to the Statue of the Seven in Liffey and defeat a Meka. You can access this from the teleport waypoint from the underwater Canton

These are the seven locations to collect Energy Concentrating Components. Use these to open the cell near the Kuisel’s Clockwork Workshop. Then, you will have to walk through the tunnels and reach the next spot where the luxurious treasure chest glows. Open the chest to collect some loot rewards along with an achievement.

Genshin Impact has lots of new quests in Fontaine. Furina will be the new hydro archon and she’s also the god of Fontaine. Discover the best weapons and artifacts for Furina that will help you form a powerful build for her character.

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Is Fontaine Launched in Genshin Impact ?

Yes, Fontaine region in Genshin Impact was launched with the 4.0 patch update version. It is also the fifth country of Teyvat. Fontaine is the nation of justice and Furina will be the god of this region.

How to get the best Build on Genshin Impact?

Playable characters in Genshin Impact get access to lots of weapons, skills, bonus stats and artifacts. You have to procure all these and find the right team comps to unleash their powerful builds in the game. With the best builds, you can dominate the world of Teyvat and kill your enemies without much trouble.

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