All Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of Depths Locations


You can obtain Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys by reaching specific level milestones at Fontaine Statues of Seven, including the second level. 

Genshin Impact fans are always looking for new methods to improve their gaming experience. The Fontaine Shrine of Depths is one of the most sought-after secrets in the game since it contains priceless items and Primogems. This guide will give you an in-depth explanation of the locations of the Fontaine Shrine of Depths and how to get the Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys needed to uncover their secret treasures.

Check the location in the map
Check the location in the map

All Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of the Depths Locations

In the Genshin Impact game, the Fontaine Shrine of Depths is a special part of the Nation of Justice. Unlike shrines in other parts of the world, these ones can be found both on land and underground. This makes exploring them even more exciting. Let’s talk about where these hard-to-find sites are:

Location 1: Elton Trench

The first Fontaine Shrine of Depths is concealed underwater, nestled at the bottom of Elton Trench. To reach this underwater marvel, venture to the southern part of Fontaine, between the Elynas and Poisson areas. It’s situated in the deepest section of the trench, surrounded by lush green aquatic flora.

Location 2: Elynas Hilltop

The second Fontaine Shrine of Depths awaits at the peak of a hill in the western section of Elynas, within the southwestern area of Fontaine. A convenient reference point is Elynas’ Statue of Seven. Follow the main path west of the statue, and you’ll discover the shrine atop a small cliff to your left.

Location 3: Court of Fontaine Outskirts

The third Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of Depths is situated to the north of the Court of Fontaine city. To reach it efficiently, use the underwater Teleport Waypoint just east of the Court of Fontaine. From there, make your way northward. The shrine is nestled at the back of an orchard, nestled near the cliffs.

Go to the Fontaine Shrine
Go to the Fontaine Shrine

Location 4: Marcotte Station Hills

Moving northeast, the fourth Fontaine Shrine of Depths is perched on the hills north of Marcotte Station. If you’re already near the third shrine, you can simply swim eastward to reach it. Alternatively, if you haven’t been to Marcotte Station before, embark on the Navia Line aquabus on the third floor of The Court of Fontaine. Then, glide northward until you spot the shrine’s unmistakable blue glow.

Location 5: Central Laboratory Ruins

Fontaine’s fifth Shrine of Depths lies underwater, just southwest of the Central Laboratory Ruins. You can easily access it from the nearby Statue of Seven by teleporting to the statue and gliding down to the water’s surface.

Location 6: New Fontaine Research Institute

The sixth and last Fontaine Shrine of Depths is on top of the steep hills north of the New Fontaine Research Institute. You can climb the stairs and hills inside the institute, or you can use the Teleport Waypoint southeast of the shrine for a slightly harder climb.

Acquiring Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys

Now that you know where to find these hidden shrines, it’s crucial to understand how to obtain Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys. These keys are essential for unlocking the treasures hidden within the shrines. Here’s how you can acquire them:

Method 1: Fontaine Statues of Seven

You’ll need to talk to Fontaine Statues of Seven in order to get Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys. When you hit certain levels at these statues, like the second level, you get one of these keys as a reward. To raise the level of the figures, you have to give them Hydroculus, which are the floating blue orbs that are all over Fontaine, even underwater.

Get the key
Get the key

Method 2: Fountain of Lucine

You can also get Shrine of Depths Keys by going to the Fountain of Lucine, which is east of Fontaine and right next to the Opera Epiclese. Furthermore, you need to give the stream Hydro Sigils if you want to get keys from it. You can open boxes in Fontaine and give Hydroculus to Statues of Seven to get Hydro Sigils. At Level 8, Level 18, Level 28, and Level 38 of the Fountain of Lucine, you can get a key.

The Genshin Impact Fontaine Shrine of Depths is an exciting journey that can lead to valuable rewards and Primogems. With this thorough guide, you’ll be well on your way to finding these secret treasures and making the Nation of Justice a better place to play. Dive into Fontaine and start your trip to find out what Teyvat’s secrets are!


What are Fontaine Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact?

Fontaine Shrine of Depths are special locations in the game that contain hidden treasures and valuable rewards. They can be found both underwater and on land in the Nation of Justice within Genshin Impact.

How many Fontaine Shrine of Depths are there in the game?

There are a total of six Fontaine Shrine of Depths scattered across the Fontaine region in Genshin Impact.

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