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Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries

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Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries are renowned as lethal bounty hunters in the Starfield universe. Their primary role is to take down individuals with bounties on their heads

In Starfield’s huge and dangerous world, where there are many different groups and danger lurks around every corner, the Ecliptic Mercenaries stand out as a powerful group. These mysterious troops have a reputation for being deadly bounty hunters who can kill anyone with a price on their head. In this guide, we’ll go into detail about how the Ecliptic Mercenaries work and show you how to fight and beat them in the harsh world of Starfield.


Who are Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield?

The Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries are a group of professional soldiers, often called “hired guns,” who can be hired for a wide range of military activities. In Starfield, they mostly work as paid hitmen, killing people who have hired them as long as their credit pouches are heavy enough. Most of the time, private companies give out these contracts. The United Colonies and Freestar Collective governments are two of their biggest clients. These government groups have a lot of power over the Settled System, which includes most of the star systems that have been settled in Starfield.

In fight, you shouldn’t overlook about the Ecliptic Mercenaries. They have cutting-edge weapons and are skilled enough to defeat almost any enemy. What makes them different is that they are independent. Ecliptic Mercenaries don’t have to be loyal to any one group or cause. They are, in effect, hired guns who will fight for whoever pays the most in Starfield, which has a lot of different kinds of people.

Because of what they do for a living, Ecliptic Mercenaries usually live alone. They can’t spend time on personal ties because it would get in the way of their work. When clients hire them, they expect them to be loyal, and any sign of friendship could scare away possible employers. Trust is hard to come by in the world of Ecliptic Mercenaries.

Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries Location

Finding the exact whereabouts of Ecliptic Mercenaries in the sprawling cosmos of Starfield can be a formidable task. They are known to operate within the Settled System, but specifics about their locations are elusive. To track them down, one must venture into hostile territories where individuals are in dire need of assistance.

One method to uncover the movements of Ecliptic Mercenaries is by monitoring their radio communications. These transmissions can provide valuable insights into their current activities and potential targets. By eavesdropping on their conversations, you can gain a competitive edge in locating them.

Another effective approach is to rely on logs and seek the aid of non-playable characters (NPCs) within Starfield. Logs may contain valuable information about the Mercenaries’ recent movements, while NPCs might have insider knowledge or connections that can lead you to their hideouts. Collaborating with NPCs who have a vested interest in the Mercenaries’ activities can significantly expedite your search.

Strategies for Defeating Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries

Now that we have a profound understanding of Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries, let’s explore the tactics required to outsmart and defeat these powerful enemies in the vast expanses of Starfield.

1. Utilize High-Damage Weapons

The Ecliptic Mercenaries are well-armed and well-protected, which makes them dangerous enemies. To get past their barriers, use weapons that do a lot of damage physically. High-caliber guns, weapons that use energy, and explosives can be especially effective at stopping their danger.

2. Employ Advanced Jetpacks

Maneuverability is key when facing Ecliptic Mercenaries. Equipping powerful jetpacks allows you to swiftly navigate the battlefield, making it challenging for the Mercenaries to target you accurately. Take advantage of the verticality of Starfield’s terrain to gain the upper hand in combat.

3. Maintain Constant Mobility

Staying in one place is a surefire way to become an easy target for Ecliptic Mercenaries. Keep moving, employing evasive maneuvers to avoid their shots. Mobility not only makes you a harder target to hit but also disrupts their aim, increasing your chances of survival.

4. Use Explosive Devices

In the middle of a fight, strategically place grenades or mines to weaken and stop Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries. Explosive devices can make it hard for them to attack and give you a chance to strike effectively.


In conclusion, Ecliptic Mercenaries might prove to be tough opponents, but with the right plans and gear, you can beat their reputation for being dangerous. Equip yourself with guns that do a lot of damage, advanced jetpacks, and explosives, and always keep moving. If you use these strategies, you can turn the tables on the Ecliptic Mercenaries and win in Starfield’s huge, unpredictable world. May the stars help you succeed in what you do.


How can I locate Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield?

Locating Ecliptic Mercenaries can be challenging, but you can listen to their radio conversations, investigate logs, and seek assistance from NPCs to track their movements within the Settled System.

What strategies are effective for defeating Ecliptic Mercenaries in battle?

To defeat Ecliptic Mercenaries, utilize high-damage weapons, advanced jetpacks for mobility, and maintain constant movement to avoid accurate aiming. Additionally, employing explosive devices such as grenades and mines can weaken and incapacitate them in combat.

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