Who is Clorinde in Genshin Impact – Abilities, Skills and more


Genshin Impact Clorinde emerges as a character of great intrigue, capturing the attention and curiosity of players. 

Genshin Impact has stirred up excitement among fans with the revelation of a new character, Clorinde, also known as Captain R. This enigmatic figure resembles Lady Maria from Bloodborne, boosting the debate surrounding her abilities and skills. While her official appearance is yet to be unveiled, let’s look at the information about Clorinde in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Clorinde

Clorinde draws inspiration from the 19th-century French naval ships, aligning with the historical setting of Fontaine within the game. As per leaks and insider information, she is poised to play a significant role in the Fontaine archon quest, weaving herself intricately into the game’s overarching narrative. Clorinde was spotted alongside Neuvillette, the Grand Judge of Fontaine, in the recent Hoyoverse “Overture Teaser: The Final Feast” video on July 3.

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Genshin Impact Clorinde Abilities and Skills

Though several iterations of Clorinde’s design have been datamined, the specific details of her abilities and playstyle remain mysterious. However, keen-eyed enthusiasts have observed that Clorinde wields a blade and possesses the Electro vision, hinting at her combat prowess. As she is still under development, players may need to exercise patience before harnessing her abilities as a playable character.

Some fans believe that Genshin Impact Clorinde may have a skill that allows her to shoot lightning bolts from her sword. This would be similar to the Elemental Skill of Keqing, another Electro character who wields a sword. Other fans believe that Clorinde may have a skill that allows her to create a field of electricity around her. This would allow her to deal Electro damage to enemies who come into contact with the field.

Genshin Impact Clorinde may also have a skill that allows her to teleport to a specific location. This would be similar to the Elemental Skill of Mona, another Electro character who can teleport.

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Release Date and Updates

The upcoming event will shed light on forthcoming characters, including Clorinde. Players can use this information to plan and accumulate Primogems to acquire Clorinde once she becomes playable.

As for her grand debut, Clorinde will most likely grace the Fontaine plotline in patch 4.0. However, she may not be immediately available upon the patch’s release, necessitating patience from the player base. Leaks suggest that patch 4.0 may introduce only one new 5-star character, Lyney, alongside a few other 4-star characters, leaving room for speculation that Clorinde’s official release could occur in a subsequent patch, possibly 4.1.

Anticipation and Significance of Clorinde

The anticipation surrounding Clorinde’s arrival, affectionately referred to as Captain R by fans, in Genshin Impact is noticeable. Players eagerly await the chance to play this captivating character, despite the limited information about her abilities and release date. The fact that she will play a crucial role in the Fontaine archon quest, alongside her connections to other significant characters, further emphasizes her importance in the game’s narrative.

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To stay updated on Genshin Impact Clorinde and other future characters, fans should watch the livestream closely. This will help them plan their resources and budget accordingly, ensuring they have enough Primogems to embrace this charismatic addition to the Genshin Impact universe.


Genshin Impact Clorinde emerges as a character of great intrigue, capturing the attention and curiosity of players and enthusiasts alike. While the specifics of her abilities remain unknown, the anticipation surrounding her release continues to grow. As we await further updates and official announcements, the impact of Clorinde’s presence on the game’s story will be deep.

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