All Lumitoile Farming Locations in Genshin Impact – Easy Farming Guide


Genshin Impact Lumitoile is a valuable resource used for various character and weapon ascensions. It’s crucial for enhancing your characters.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a Genshin Impact fan on the hunt for Lumitoile. There are many places in the game world where you can find Genshin Impact Lumitoile. We’ve made an easy farming guide to help you find them quickly. Let’s get into the specifics:

Locations in the map
Locations in the map

Preparation is Key

It is important to do some preparation work before you start farming Lumitoile. A lot of the Genshin Impact Lumitoile locations are spread out in the far north of Fontaine and deep in the Liffey area. Here’s what you need to do to make farming work well:

  1. Activate Waypoints: During your first run in the region, activate all nearby waypoints. This will save you time on subsequent farming trips by allowing you to teleport to key locations.
  2. Adventure Rank and Archon Quests: Don’t worry if you rolled Nevillette but haven’t gotten Fontaine yet. Some waypoints unlock themselves, letting you swim and explore underwater before you hit a high Adventure Rank or finish an Archon Quest.

Now that you’re prepared, let’s explore the Lumitoile locations.

Lumitoile Locations – West Shore

Since the 4.1 update for Genshin Impact, it’s easier to get to the Liffey area thanks to a waypoint that opens automatically. It is near a Statue of the Seven and just northeast of the Echoes of Deep Tides Domain. It is on the southern shore of the lake in the region. This figure can be used for more farming runs.

  1. First Collection: Glide down from the Statue of the Seven to the east, where you’ll find a small cluster of five Lumitoile.
  2. Second Collection: Head west from the Statue and cross the river near the waterfall. Continue along the road until you reach another waypoint. This waypoint will facilitate your access to more Lumitoile in the area. Be prepared to face off against the Fatui camps that will have respawned.
  3. Third Collection: Drop down from the waypoint to the coast and collect the Lumitoile there.

Lumitoile Locations – East Shore

  1. Waypoint Activation: Cross the lake and activate the waypoint on the eastern shore. Head southeast along the shore, occasionally dealing with or avoiding the Fatui Operatives. As you progress, collect Genshin Impact Lumitoile along the path.
  2. Right at the Ruined Bridge: Take a right at the ruined bridge and check the coast for three more Lumitoile.
  3. Underwater Challenges: Both the interactive map and the in-game map might show underwater riches that are close to Hydro devices. This can be hard to do, though, and some players couldn’t find these helpers. You should look around, but don’t give up if you can’t find them.
  4. Waypoint Exploration: Head back to the waypoint up the coast and travel north along the shore to continue your search for Lumitoile.

Lumitoile Locations – Underwater

Efficient farming of Genshin Impact Lumitoile underwater requires preparation:

  1. Activate Waypoints: During your first run in the Liffey region, activate the underwater waypoints. This will significantly enhance the efficiency of your subsequent farming trips.
  2. Spotting Lumitoile: Approximately half of the underwater Lumitoile can be found clinging to metal ruins you’ll encounter while swimming. Keep an eye out for these sparkles.
  3. Dive Carefully: As you dive, work your way down from the top of the tower to the waypoint on the western shore. If there are spotlights on the top, you might want to turn them off first to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself.
  4. Repeat the Process: After collecting Lumitoile in one section, return to the waypoint and continue exploring the other underwater sections.
  5. Use Middle Lakebed Waypoints: Utilize the waypoints in the middle of the lakebed to pick up the remaining Lumitoile.
  6. The Fortress of Meropede: Finally, grab the last Lumitoile from the entrance to the Fortress of Meropede.
Different locations
Different locations

Note: There’s a strip of Genshin Impact Lumitoile near the Fortress of Meropede, under the eastern shore’s waypoint. However, accessing this area may be tied to a story quest, and it might be a bit challenging.


Do I need a high Adventure Rank to access Lumitoile farming locations?

No, you don’t necessarily need a high Adventure Rank. Some waypoints unlock automatically, allowing you to explore and farm Lumitoile without reaching specific Adventure Rank or Archon Quest requirements.

How should I prepare for Lumitoile farming in Genshin Impact?

Preparation involves activating waypoints during your first run in the Liffey region and ensuring you have a capable party of characters.

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