Lords of the Fallen Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


While Lords of the Fallen is known for its difficulty, it can serve as a great entry point into the Soulslike sub-genre, even for beginners. Check out our Lords of the Fallen Guide to find out more!

Lords of the Fallen is a great example of a game with difficult gameplay, complex systems, and a dark, interesting world. This game takes ideas from games like Souls and takes players to the harsh worlds of the Axiom and the Umbral, where death comes quickly to those who aren’t ready. You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to this type of game or want to learn how to play Lords of the Fallen. This complete help is what you need to do well.

Lords of the Fallen Guide

Understand Vitality

Vitality is important for your character’s life, so don’t forget about it. In Lords of the Fallen, enemies can do a lot of damage quickly and without notice, which can be dangerous for even experienced players. Keeping your vitality level around 35 is important for life because it affects how well you can handle strong attacks.

You can see how tough you are by playing with lower vitality, but be careful—this method is only for people who like the challenge of one-shot runs. Investing in energy is a must if you want a more forgiving experience. Also, don’t forget to check your Endurance and the stats that go with the weapons you’ve picked. You can find these in the “Equipment” screen under “Rune Slots.”

Understand the Wither Damage

Lords of the Fallen is different from other games like Souls because it has a unique feature called “wither damage.” If you’ve played Bloodborne, you might think you know how to deal Wither damage, but this game is different.

Wither damage can be done in a number of ways, including by healing in the Umbral realm, moving to the Umbral realm, taking direct Wither damage from enemies, or stopping attacks without parrying (though the damage is much lower). In comparison to Bloodborne’s rally system, attacking enemies heals you when it’s low. The main difference is that all of your withered health goes away if you take any damage that isn’t stopped. Wither harm can’t kill you, but it does make you more likely to get hurt. To lower this risk, it’s important to keep a proactive, aggressive attitude. While blocking is useful, especially against bosses who move slowly, learning parries is better because it prepares you for counterattacks and lowers the damage you take when you get hit.

Take down bosses with your abilities
Take down bosses with your abilities

Keep Attacking

When you block an enemy hit in the game, some of your health bar goes away. Like the rally system in Bloodborne, the grayed-out part can be recovered by continuously attacking foes. This makes players more likely to be aggressive, since they know that attack can also be their best defense. But be careful: being bold is not the same thing as being careless. To protect yourself from blows, you must wear the right armor, shields, or high-damage guns. To do well in this dangerous world, you need to find a balance between attack and defense.

Gear Upgrades

One part of the game is leveling up your character. Upgrading your gear is also very important if you want to fight the scary things that live in Mournstead. It’s not a good idea to just focus on getting better guns and armor. Instead, focus on improving your best items to do the most damage. You should only upgrade a few things at a time unless you can afford to do a full update. Try to improve one item all the way up to the highest level before moving on to something else. This method makes sure that your character stays strong, even when facing tough enemies.

Mastering the Art of Parrying

Unlike some recent Soulslike games, Lords of the Fallen adheres more closely to the traditional Dark Souls formula. While parrying and deflecting attacks aren’t as prominent as in games like Sekiro, they still play a crucial role in combat.

Landing a successful parry opens up opportunities for powerful visceral attacks. However, parry timings can be challenging. To excel at parrying, pay close attention to enemy attack patterns and timings. Predictive parries are more effective than reactive ones, so understanding your adversaries’ behavior is paramount. Mastering this technique can provide a substantial advantage in battle.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: Umbral Realm

The Umbral realm in the game is a shadowy, enigmatic dimension that can significantly impact your journey. It often reveals pathways that are otherwise inaccessible in the material world. Some secret items can only be obtained by traversing the Umbral realm, making it a key aspect of your exploration. Keep an eye out for signs that indicate hidden passages, such as chasms, gaps, iron bars, and rubble. To unveil these secrets, utilize the Umbral Lamp to reveal hidden pathways and points of interest. Swarms of moths in the Axiom realm will mark locations that hold the key to your success.

Use Your Journal

During your journey in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll often find maps at the beginning of new places. You can find these maps in the journal area of your inventory screen. They are very useful. They give you tips and clues about what to do next, which helps you find your way around the game’s complicated world. If you get lost or don’t know what to do, look at your journal for help. It not only helps you find your way around the world, but it also tells you how to clean beacons, which is an important part of the story.

Select your journal if you are lost
Select your journal if you are lost

In conclusion, Lords of the Fallen is a difficult and interesting game. If you want to do well in this dark and cruel world, you should focus on your health, be aggressive, improve your gear, learn how to parry, explore the Umbral realm, and keep a record. With this guide, even people who have never played Lords of the Fallen before can figure out how to win.


Why is vitality crucial in Lords of the Fallen?

Vitality is essential because it determines your character’s health and resilience. In the game, enemies can deal substantial damage, and vitality helps you withstand these attacks, making it a key stat for survival.

How does wither damage work in Lords of the Fallen, and why is it important to manage it?

Wither damage is a unique mechanic where taking unblocked hits reduces your health bar to gray. Managing wither damage is vital because if your entire health bar is gray and you take any hit, you’ll be defeated. Keeping wither damage low is crucial for your survival.

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