Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave Guide

Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave

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Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave is a simple area that requires good exploration and fighting skills. For that, we are here to help you.

Uldur’s Cave, a hidden gem within Diablo 4, offers a thrilling adventure for those who dare to explore. While many dungeons are easily stumbled upon, Uldur’s Cave requires a bit more effort to discover. This guide will lead you to the exact location of Uldur’s Cave, ensuring you don’t miss out on its mysteries and treasures.

How to Locate Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave

Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave is situated in the Kehjistan region of the expansive overworld map, specifically within the Ragged Coastline area. Surprisingly, the cave is not directly positioned on the coast but rather nestled inland among a sprawling cave system that dominates western Kehjistan. To reach this dungeon, it is recommended to warp to the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint. After that,  head southwest into the caves. For precise directions, refer to the map provided below.


Fortunately, unlike some secretive dungeons, Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave doesn’t have any requirements for entry. You won’t need to clear a Stronghold or progress through the Campaign to unlock its entrance. Simply make your way to the cave, and you’ll be ready to embark on your adventure. Although unlocking the Mount at the start of Act Four will make the journey easier, it’s entirely possible to access this dungeon from the beginning of the game.

Exploring the Depths of Uldur’s Cave

When you enter Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave, get ready for a thrilling and risky adventure. This special dungeon in Diablo 4 is unlike most others because it doesn’t have a final boss waiting for you, which makes it a bit easier to explore and conquer.

Inside Uldur’s Cave, you’ll come face-to-face with various tough enemies. There are Goatmen, Wild Beasts, and a whole bunch of Bandits. These Bandits are the main challenge and the ones you’ll encounter the most. Brace yourself for an attack of Bandits until you reach the Bandit Hideout. To keep progressing, make sure to break through all the wooden barricades scattered throughout the cave. Once you’ve accomplished that, get ready for a showdown with the formidable Bandit Ringleader. Defeat this tough enemy, and you’ll successfully conquer Uldur’s Cave.

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Rewards for Clearing Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave

Your dedication and bravery will be richly rewarded upon successfully clearing Uldur’s Cave. In addition to the standard 30 Renown and random level-appropriate item drops, you will be granted the Aspect of the Damned. It is an exclusive Aspect for Necromancers. This Aspect significantly amplifies the Shadow damage you inflict upon enemies affected by Decrepify or Iron Maiden by an impressive 30%. If you are a Necromancer following a Shadow-based build, acquiring the Aspect of the Damned is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.


In conclusion, Uldur’s Cave in Diablo 4 presents a thrilling and rewarding adventure. Located within the complex cave system of Kehjistan’s Ragged Coastline area, this hidden treasure trove promises excitement, powerful enemies, and valuable rewards. 

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