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Looking for Fortnite Hide and Map Codes? Scroll down to know the best Hide and Seek maps from Fortnite Creative mode.

The Creative mode in Fortnite lets players explore unique islands and engage in some intriguing battles. Creative mode also includes a plethora of games that you can play together with your friends in a private lobby. The Creative mode has more than 100 maps and out of all these Hide and Seek has been the most exciting map with plenty of locations to explore and a different experience as well.

Creative islands are designed by random players and will only allow certain players. Anyone can create creative islands and launch them in the creative mode maps. Fortnite creative is a sandbox game and even its upgraded version, Creative 2.0, is out as well. Hide and Seek maps provide players the best experience in creative mode. Here are the best Hide and Seek maps in Fortnite Creative.

Best Fortnite Creative Maps in 2023! 

Maps and Locations

Here are some mind-blowing Fortnite creative mode Hide and Seek map islands to explore right now,

Fortnite hide and seek maps
  • Cache De Luxe – 3029-6761-3632 – Here you can play with 16 players. You have two minutes to hide and complete other objectives as well. A fun map where you are engaged thoroughly. Cache De Luxe is a popular island and fans have loved this map over the years
  • Mega Mall – 5286-7305-3953 – Play as a gang and compete against the other gang. The concept is very simple, you have to find the other gang members who are hiding. You will get some coins as rewards.
  • LoLsy’s Hide and Seek – 7851-5872-1264 – An enthralling experience awaits in LoLsy’s map where you have to complete some minigames.
  • Castle – 5570-5553-5994 – Get into the island and start hiding quickly. You get only 2 minutes to hide and all seekers only get 13 minutes to catch hiders. If you miss the time limit,the challenges will reset automatically. The battles take place inside a huge castle-like place
  • Salty Towers – 1016-7027-4655 – Here 50 players can play. One has to find the remaining 49 hiders inside all locations and this is by far the most thrilling map in the Fortnite creative world. Every minute will be a spine-thrilling adventure.
  • Yall – 9245-2973-1827 – Yall allows upto 100 players in a lobby. Search and find everyone from the hideout spots and complete challenges to grab your rewards as well
  • Jungle – 8772-9512-9092 – Enter this jungle-themed creative map island. Explore forests and defeat enemies. Find and search them, defeat them and grab your rewards.
  • Giant Room – 1049-8070-0618 – Enter the giant room and find ways to hide yourself. The last one who survives gets all exclusive rewards
  • Jungle Extreme – 8249-9467-6456 – Play with 80 others in forests full of snakes and monkeys. Find enemies and unlock your rewards. A cat and mouse battle game awaits in this forest map
  • Multi-Biome – 8215-3660-0471 –  Discover the multi biome and explore locations like Garden, Halloween, Lucky Landing and Christmas. You have 45 seconds to hide and 20 minutes to find. A spine-thrilling adventure awaits those daring explorers.
  • Autumn Estates – 5286-7305-3953 – Take part in box fights and complete other objectives as well. A large map with many secret areas allows you to freely explore everything 
  • Lynks – 8454-8832-8445 – A Dark location where you won’t be able to see anything. Find your targets by listening closely. Find out noises with the help of your ears. If you are eliminated, then you become a seeker immediately. Greasy Grove and The Citadel, the popular and prominent locations of Fortnite are also available here
  • The Shark – 4419-2643-1417 – Here, 16 players are allowed in a private server. You can play as a Sailor or Shark. Defend your boat and teammates from shark. Get down from the boat and attack sailors. Get your rewards and exit the boat. 
  • Greasy Grove – 7682-0986-9356 – Defeat battles, complete puzzles, and find secret rooms to discover more games in this big island
  • Fishstick – 2897-6776-6429 – An underwater hiding game where you can explore colorful coral reefs and swim along with fish. A magical castle where you complete quests and hide at the sunken ruins. Explore the secret hiding spots and get all collectibles. Play as a shark or fish and get your rewards as well 
  • Fennix Bedroom – 5709-6621-4944 – Play as a hunter and hunt down enemies. Play with 7 others in a giant room and use ring props items and weapons to find others. The best hunters will also get some free exclusive weapons as reward here
  • Alice in Wonderland – 4816-5553-6324 – A maze full of traps and enemies. Keep running and escape from seekers to complete this map
  • Carnival – 8698-8038-7328 – Find enemies inside the house and beware of mirrors that trouble you. Seek bouncers’ help to climb up the Ferris Wheel to catch hiders.
  • Robot Planet – 0010-9626-0218 – Enter the Robot Planet World and play as Robots. Discover new technologies and get free rewards
  • Snipers vs Runners  4852-5107-3934 – 50 members are split into 25 runners and snipers. Use guns and powerups to defeat enemies. Escape from enemies in this fun and action-filled map
  • Borderlands Infection – 4819-8403-7360 – An infected island where you have to survive against small enemies and creatures in a minigame 
  • Modern City – 7477-6379-1293 –  A party-based game with stealth mode. A large area where you can hide within a maximum of 2 minutes. Seekers get around 20 minutes to search and find hiders.

These are the best creative mode Hide and Seek maps to play in Fortnite. Every map offers a unique experience and has different sets of mini-games and quests. Fortnite creative has always been exciting among other modes. 

It’s completely the creative side of Fortnite where you can find some stunning games and gorgeous locations. Play on these modes by inputting the codes in creative mode. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


What is Fortnite Creative?

Creative is a sandbox mode where you can design your own content in Creative Islands. You can play with your friends as well.

Is Fortnite Creative Free-to-play?

Yes, just like Battle Royale and Save the World, this Fortnite Creative Mode is free as well.

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