Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge

Clash Royale Goblin Delivery challenge

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The Clash Royale Goblin Delivery challenge is a game mode introduced in the Season 49 Evolution Origins update. It focuses on using the Mortar card.

The third challenge of the Season 49 Evolution Origins update is now live, introducing the latest evolution card update, Mortar. As the fifth card to receive a Card Evolution update, Mortar brings a fresh dynamic to the game. Players are eager to test their skills with this new card and find the most effective decks for the Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge.

Building a well-balanced deck is crucial for success in the Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge. In this guide, we will explore the best decks that can help you achieve victory in this event. These decks have been carefully crafted to maximize the potential of Mortar while maintaining versatility and defensive capabilities.

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Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge

Deck 1: Mortar, Bats, Freeze, Hog Rider, Heal Spirit, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Goblin Gang

Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge 6

Average Elixir Cost: 2.6

The first deck on our list is the most cost-effective option. It revolves around the Mortar, which serves as the central point of the deck. With this deck, you can deal significant damage while also utilizing the distraction provided by the extra Goblin. To protect the evolving Mortar, a quick cycle deck is essential. The Hog Rider acts as the primary win condition, while the Heal Spirit offers a valuable tank to withstand additional hits. 

The Bats and Goblin Gang provide affordable and effective defensive options. Additionally, the Ice Spirit and Ice Golem contribute to crowd control and tanking ability. The Freeze spell adds utility, making it adaptable to various situations.

Deck 2: Mortar, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, The Log, Mighty Miner, Goblins, Musketeer, Earthquake

goblin challenge
Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge 7

Average Elixir Cost: 3.0

The second deck also features the Mortar and Hog Rider combination but introduces the Mighty Miner as an offensive threat. This deck benefits from cheap cycle cards like the Ice Spirit and Goblins, enabling crowd control and chip damage. The Log serves as an affordable area damage card, and players can rely on the Earthquake spell for dealing with additional area damage. The Musketeer is crucial for countering enemy troops, especially air swarms.

Deck 3: Mortar, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Goblin Barrel, Spear Goblins, Zap, The Log, Inferno Tower

Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

This deck on our list embraces an aggressive playstyle, relying on the Hog Rider and Mortar to inflict damage on the opponent’s towers. The Valkyrie serves as a versatile card capable of defending against pushes and supporting offensive maneuvers. The Goblin Barrel and Spear Goblins provide additional chip damage. Zap and The Log help clear swarms and eliminate pesky troops, while the Inferno Tower acts as a formidable defensive building, specializing in countering tanks.

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Deck 4: Mortar, Fireball, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Knight, Goblin Gang, Musketeer, The Log

Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge 9

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

The fourth deck leans more towards defense, but it still possesses substantial offensive potential. The Mortar remains the primary win condition, while the Fireball, Ice Spirit, and Skeletons contribute to chip damage against the opponent’s towers. The Knight and Musketeer excel in defending against enemy pushes, and The Log proves effective in clearing swarms and dealing with troublesome troops like the Princess.

Deck 5: Mortar, Bats, Miner, Goblin Gang, Goblins, Barbarian Barrel, Rascals, Fireball

Best Decks for Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge 10

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

Our final deck is a classic 3.1 Mortar cycle, a tried-and-tested strategy utilized by many players. The Rascals shine as mini-tanks and support troops in this deck, providing excellent versatility. The Barbarian Barrel serves as both a spell and a defensive tool, enabling players to deal with swarms effectively and supporting the Mortar’s chip damage. The Miner can be deployed directly to inflict tower damage, and the quick cycle ensures its efficiency.


In the Clash Royale Goblin Delivery Challenge, selecting the right deck is paramount. The five decks outlined in this article offer unique strategies and combinations to maximize your chances of victory. Experiment with these decks, adapt to the evolving metagame, and dominate the competition with the power of Mortar and your tactical skills.

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