Fortnite Chess Map Codes: How to Play Fortnite Chess

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Looking for Fortnite chess map codes? If so, find out the best chess maps to play in Fortnite Creative mode.

Fortnite’s creative mode has been launching new maps every season. Creative mode islands are exhilarating and engage players thoroughly. Fortnite Creative has been arguably the best mode over the years and has hundreds of creative islands with unique maps that include Horror, Puzzle, Hide and Seek, XP, and Adventure. These provide you with the best Fortnite experience like no others have done.

With the addition of Creative 2.0, Fortnite has unleashed the Chess Map. Chess Map is an amazing addition to the creative mode and here you are up against your friends in a battle that only the smartest players can win. It’s all about moves that make a player win the challenge. Fortnite chess is all about mind games and patience. Some maps include battles and you can perform using musical instruments as well.

A couple of chess maps are available in Fortnite Creative 2.0 mode including fully functional piece movement. Even false or illegal moves can be detected in real-time. Overall, Chess Map is one of the best additions to Fortnite creative. It’s time to play the chess games with your friends and outwit them with your moves. Here are the best Fortnite creative chess map codes to play right now.

Best Fortnite Creative Chess Map Codes in 2023!

Chess is a wonderful game that’s all between two minds. Here are the best chess maps to play in Fortnite creative islands,

  • Clash of Kings 6212-5776-0804 – The very first Fortnite chess map from the creator Enigma. A classic chess game that you can play with your friends and earn some rewards as well. Move your Bishops, Pawns, Knights, and Queen, but in the right orders. Win unlimited battles and increase your winning streaks
  • Chess – 4467-5735-3725 – An amazing chess map from the creator Mallou Mario, where you use Fortnite vehicles as your chess pieces. A mind-blowing 1v1 mini-game where you can push your vehicles to checkmate your friends. You can groove to the music tunes, carry a basket, move to the other side, and win games.
  • Chess PlyGPT AI  0940-0659-6282 – Another creative chess map from the creators of Finest and team, that also includes a combat mode. A fully functional mode where challenges are fast-paced as well. Another fun board game that excels every time and here you can compete against the Peely skins as well. Use your brain and surpass your opponents to claim some loot and bounty rewards as well. 
  • Giant Chess Royale 4095-2488-8989 – Another mini-game where you can play board games and turn as chess pieces to complete battles against enemies on a 3D chess board in chess buildings. This board game from syntax3rr is another excellent chess map to explore from the creative world of Fortnite.

These are the best Fortnite chess maps from the creative mode islands. Chess maps are only limited in the creative mode. Unleash your moves, defeat opponents, and claim your freebies. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon.


What is Fortnite Creative

Fortnite’s creative mode allows players to explore creative islands and here you can play with your friends in a private lobby

Are there any Fortnite free redeem codes?

As of now, we don’t have any Fortnite codes and the makers don’t share any free codes regularly.

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