All Genshin Impact Dendro Characters Ranked


Looking to add some Genshin Impact Dendro Characters in your team? Well, check out our list of dendro characters that we have ranked for you.

In Genshin Impact, the Dendro element in Version 3.0 has introduced some unique playable characters. As experienced players figure out how to build their teams, it’s important to understand the roles these characters play and how good they are in the game. Our guide is here to help you find out which Genshin Impact Dendro characters are the best, so you can make smart choices to make your team stronger and more successful.

All Genshin Impact Dendro Characters

9. Kaveh

Kaveh in Genshin Impact

In Version 3.6, Kaveh was introduced, but he hasn’t found his special role among the Dendro characters. Even though he’s supposed to be good at dealing damage, his damage isn’t very impressive, and he relies too much on using Elemental Reactions, which isn’t great. If you want a more effective team, it’s better to look for other Dendro characters who can deal damage more easily.

8. Baizhu

Genshin Impact Baizhu

Baizhu, a highly anticipated 5-star hero from Liyue, doesn’t quite meet our expectations, even though he has a variety of skills. He’s mainly a healer, but he can also help with Dendro abilities and resonance. However, he doesn’t perform as well as other healers in Genshin Impact. To have a team that works smoothly, it’s better to choose other characters who can both heal and support Dendro abilities more effectively.

7. Kirara


Coming from Inazuma, Kirara is a strong Dendro character in Genshin Impact. She works as a support character and is excellent at creating shields that come back quickly. Kirara is also good at spreading Dendro effects, which is great for teams that need extra protection. If you focus on her shield abilities, you can boost your defense and make Dendro reactions work better.

6. Collei

Collei in genshin impact

In a group of capable characters, Collei stands out as a great choice if you want to build a team that focuses on Dendro abilities. Even though she’s a 4-star character and not a main damage dealer, she’s excellent at spreading Dendro effects and supporting your team. By adding Collei to your team, you can boost your main damage dealer’s damage and keep your team safe from a distance. You can check different builds for Neuvillette, Furina, Dori, and Heizou.

5. Traveler (Dendro)

Traveler (Dendro)
Traveler (Dendro)

Surprisingly, the Dendro Traveler is one of the top Dendro characters in Genshin Impact, even though they aren’t meant to be the main damage source. They work really well as a secondary damage dealer and can enable Dendro abilities effectively. Using the Traveler as a backup damage source is essential for creating powerful Dendro reactions, and they are easy to get. So, they are a valuable addition to your team, challenging the usual ideas and showing how important secondary damage sources can be in a team.

4. Yaoyao

Genshin Impact Yaoyao
Genshin Impact Yaoyao

Yaoyao, a small hero from Liyue, is flexible and can be both a healer and a Dendro enabler. While there are better healers in the game, using Yaoyao to spread Dendro effects while keeping your team’s health up can be a smart move. By focusing on Dendro abilities, Yaoyao can exceed expectations and become a key part of creating powerful Elemental Reactions.

3. Tighnari


In Version 3.0, Tighnari was introduced alongside Collei, and he has become a strong Dendro DPS character in Genshin Impact. What makes him stand out is that he deals consistent Dendro damage through Elemental attacks. To make the most of Tighnari, you need to build a team that includes other Dendro heroes. This teamwork activates resonance, making Tighnari even more powerful. He’s excellent at triggering reactions and dealing pure Dendro damage, making him a vital part of any well-organized Genshin Impact team.

2. Alhaitham


When it comes to Dendro DPS, Alhaitham is the unbeatable champion. He’s known for his incredible firepower, surpassing competitors like Tighnari. Alhaitham can use Dendro quickly and skillfully trigger powerful attacks through Elemental Reactions. He relies on Elemental Mastery to perform at his best, and his 5-star status and consistent high damage make him an incredibly appealing choice. For players who want to excel in Genshin Impact, Alhaitham is the ultimate Dendro expert, promising exceptional performance and a strong presence in battles.

1. Nahida


Without a doubt, Nahida is at the top, unquestionably the best Dendro character in Genshin Impact. As the Dendro Archon, Nahida combines powerful damage skills with versatile support abilities. Her build relies on Elemental Mastery, allowing her to initiate reactions and turn them into even more powerful damage. Nahida is a must-have in every player’s team, and she can even challenge main DPS characters. Her strength not only makes her essential but also adds strategic depth to any team. Nahida is the absolute best character in the Genshin Impact character lineup.

Best Dendro Characters Team

This team provides a good balance of damage output and support. Alhaitham and Tighnari can deal high damage, while Nahida, Collei, Traveler (Dendro), Kirara, and Yaoyao can provide valuable support.

CharacterRoleDamage Output
Traveler (Dendro)Sub-DPS/EnablerMedium

To sum it up, becoming skilled at adding Dendro characters to your Genshin Impact team means you need to understand their roles and what they’re good at. When you pick the right characters for your team based on their strengths, you can make your gaming experience better and become really powerful with Dendro abilities.


What makes Nahida the apex Dendro character?

Nahida, the Dendro Archon, stands out as the absolute best Dendro character in Genshin Impact. Her extreme damage capabilities, coupled with versatile support functions, make her a must-have. With an Elemental Mastery build, Nahida converts triggered reactions into additional damage, rivaling even main DPS characters.

What is the importance of Dendro characters in Genshin Impact?

Dendro characters in Genshin Impact introduce a new elemental aspect to the game, offering diverse roles such as DPS, support, and enabler. Mastering their abilities enhances team dynamics and opens up unique elemental reactions.

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