Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction – How to Deal More Damage


Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction can be activated by combining Electro with Dendro or vice versa, offering flexibility in creating diverse Elemental Reactions.

Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact is a complicated way to fight. Elemental Reactions are an important feature in Genshin Impact because they change the way you fight and add new layers of strategy. 

When a playable character hits an enemy with an element, that element spreads around the enemy and makes it decay. To master the game, you need to be able to use strong Elemental Reactions, which are set off by this aura. Quicken is one of these reactions that stands out because it offers a unique way to increase damage. Let’s look into the ins and outs of Genshin Impact Quicken reaction and how to get the most out of it.

Use reactions while attacking
Use reactions while attacking

The Seven Elements and Their Influence

Seven elements govern the world of Genshin Impact: Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Lightning), Dendro (Nature), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire), and Cryo (Frost). Each element opens the door to diverse Elemental Reactions, offering players a rich and dynamic gameplay experience.

How to deal more damage with Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction?

Quicken is a powerful Elemental Reaction that gives the target a Quicken Aura that fades over time. Whether you use Electro to set off Aggravate or Dendro to set off Spread, this aura becomes a blank painting for chaos. Notably, the Quicken aura isn’t used up, which lets you use it with a lot of different abilities.

Aggravate and Spread Mechanics

Aggravate and Spread reactions scale with character level and Elemental Mastery. The base damage multiplies with these variables, excluding other stats like ATK, Crit rate, and Crit DMG. However, the initial hit triggering Aggravate or Spread is influenced by Attack and Crit stats.

Activating Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction

To set off the Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction, combine the Electro aura with the Dendro aura or vice versa. This can be achieved by applying both auras through playable characters or by strategically targeting enemies with complementary auras. For instance, using Fischl and Collei in tandem creates a potent Electro-Dendro combo.

  • Example Scenario
    Fischl uses her Elemental Skill Nightbringer to add an Electro Aura, and Collei does the same with Floral Brush to add a Dendro aura. As a result? A Quicken Aura that is fully charged and ready to do damage.
Take down enemies easily
Take down enemies easily

Different Types of Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction

Aggravate Reaction: Amplifying Electro

When Electro combines with the Quicken aura, the attacking character experiences a Flat DMG Bonus.

  • Example: Keqing employs Starward Sword, hitting targets with multiple AoE Electro Damage attacks, benefiting from the Quicken aura’s bonus throughout.

Spread Reaction: Empowering Dendro

Dendro combined with the Quicken aura provides a Flat DMG Bonus to the attacking character.

  • Example: Collei uses Trump-Card Kitty, dealing multiple AoE Dendro Damage attacks with increased damage under the Quicken aura’s influence.

Perfecting Quicken with Artifacts

It is possible to improve Quicken and Aggravate Elemental Reactions by adding certain objects. Items in the Thundering Fury set, such as Thunderbird’s Mercy and Survivor of Catastrophe, change the game. This set makes Quicken and Aggravate work better, which makes your character stronger in fight. You can check different builds for Neuvillette, Furina, Dori, and Heizou.

Recommended Thundering Fury Set Artifacts:

  • Thunderbird’s Mercy
  • Survivor of Catastrophe
  • Hourglass of Thunder
  • Omen of Thunderstorm
  • Thunder Summoner’s Crown


Use all your skills
Use all your skills

Understanding and controlling Elemental Reactions is very important in the wide world of Genshin Impact. With all of its different uses, Genshin Impact Quicken reaction adds a new level of meaning to strategic games. By using Quicken’s power, players can improve their damage, making sure they have an exciting and successful adventure in the wonderful world of Teyvat.


How does the Quicken aura interact with Pyro and Hydro elements?

The Quicken aura can be consumed to trigger Burning with Pyro or Bloom with Hydro, providing additional tactical options in combat.

Does Quicken’s effectiveness vary with different characters?

Yes, both Quicken and Aggravate reactions scale with character level and Elemental Mastery, ensuring that different characters bring unique strengths to the battlefield.

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