Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build – Best Weapons and Artifacts


Want to use Neuvillette with the strongest weapons and artifacts? Check out our Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build below.

Fans of Genshin Impact get ready because Neuvillette, Fontaine’s Chief Justice, is a fully playable character, and we’re here to help you make the most of him as a high-risk, high-reward main DPS. We go over the best Neuvillette weapons, artifacts, team compositions, and skill priorities in this Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build. With this hydro-infused powerhouse, you’ll be able to take over the fight.

Geshin Impact Neuvillette Gameplay 

Neuvillette’s unique way of playing is based on his Charged Attack, which makes him a strong DPS character. This Hydro Archon is willing to take a chance, so he uses up his own HP during the attack. Having more HP overall is a safety net. His Elemental Skill and Burst not only do damage, but they also create Sourcewater Droplets that boost his Charged Attack, shorten the time it takes to charge, and help him heal.

Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build: Best Weapons

1. Tome of the Eternal Flow: Neuvillette’s Signature Weapon

Undoubtedly, Neuvillette’s best companion is the 5-star catalyst, Tome of the Eternal Flow. With a solid base ATK and an impressive CRIT DMG sub-stat, this weapon synergizes perfectly with Neuvillette’s playstyle. Its unique skill, granting a HP boost and increasing Charged Attack DMG based on HP fluctuations, aligns seamlessly with Neuvillette’s mechanics.

2. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: The Versatile Substitute

Don’t worry if you can’t find the Tome of the Eternal Flow. The Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, which is also a 5-star catalyst, is a great replacement. Neuvillette’s CRIT DMG/CRIT Rate distribution is met by its high base ATK and interesting CRIT Rate sub-stat. Neuvillette is still a powerful monster because its skill increases Movement Speed and gives an elemental damage bonus.

3. Solid 4-Star Options: Sacrificial Jade and Prototype Amber

For those seeking alternatives, the Sacrificial Jade and Prototype Amber are solid 4-star choices. Sacrificial Jade, despite a suboptimal base ATK, compensates with a high CRIT Rate sub-stat. Its skill, boosting Max HP and Elemental Mastery, aligns with Neuvillette’s off-field strategy. Alternatively, the Prototype Amber, a free-to-play catalyst, offers decent base ATK, a favorable HP sub-stat, and Energy regeneration with its skill.

Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build: Best Team Comps 

Choosing the right team composition is crucial for maximizing Neuvillette’s potential. Two standout options are:

Neuvillette banner
Neuvillette banner

1. Hyperbloom Team: The Dendro and Electro Synergy

Pair Neuvillette with Dendro spreaders like Nahida and Electro enablers such as Raiden Shogun for a potent Hyperbloom team. This combination triggers consistent and high-damaging reactions, making it a premium choice for those seeking optimal damage output.

2. Vaporize Team: Hydro, Pyro, and Anemo Synergy

For a versatile approach, assemble a Vaporize team with Neuvillette as the DPS centerpiece. Support him with a strong Pyro sub-DPS and an Anemo spreader to capitalize on elemental reactions and unleash devastating combos.

Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build: Artifacts

1. Marechaussee Hunter: Fontaine’s Finest Set

The Marechaussee Hunter Artifact set, introduced in Version 4.0, stands as the optimal choice for Neuvillette. Providing a boost to Normal and Charged Attack DMG, along with a CRIT Rate bonus tied to HP fluctuations, it perfectly aligns with Neuvillette’s playstyle.

2. Substitute Artifacts: Nymph’s Dream and Heart of Depth

If you can’t find the Marechaussee Hunter, the Nymph’s Dream and Heart of Depth sets might work instead. The Hydro DMG from Nymph’s Dream is increased, and the Normal and Charged Attack DMG from Heart of Depth are also increased after using Elemental Skill.

Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build: Stats

When farming artifacts, prioritize pieces that boost:

  • HP
  • Hydro DMG
  • ATK
  • CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Energy Recharge

Geshin Impact Neuvillette Build: Skill Priority

  • Normal Attack: Level up first, encompassing Charged Attack.
  • Elemental Skill: Followed by the Elemental Skill, a key component of Neuvillette’s arsenal.
  • Elemental Burst: Lastly, prioritize the Elemental Burst, as it requires more Energy and is not as potent as the Elemental Skill.
Neuvillette using his elemental
Neuvillette using his elemental


When it comes to Hydro DPS, Neuvillette stands out in the huge world of Genshin Impact. Neuvillette is ready to take over the fight with the Marechaussee Hunter set, the Tome of the Eternal Flow, or the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. She is also part of a team that works well together. This Fontaine character will become one of the best Hydro DPS in Genshin Impact if you improve his stats and put his skills in order of importance.


Which artifacts are recommended for Geshin Impact Neuvillette build?

The optimal artifact set for Neuvillette is the Marechaussee Hunter set, introduced in Version 4.0. It boosts Normal and Charged Attack DMG and provides a CRIT Rate bonus tied to HP fluctuations. Nymph’s Dream and Heart of Depth are good substitutes.

What is Neuvillette’s playstyle as a DPS character?

Neuvillette counts on his Charged Attack to do a lot of damage. His own HP are used up during this attack, and the more HP he has overall, the safer he is while using the attack. His Burst and Elemental Skill also do damage and help you heal yourself without the need for a healer.

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