Genshin Impact Nahida Build – Best Artifacts, Weapons, and more


With the best Genshin Impact Nahida Build, you will become stronger. The best weapons and artifacts will definitely give you an advantage.

Nahida is a formidable Dendro DPS character who not only uses Dendro attacks but also enhances them by triggering reactions set up by other characters. As a catalyst user, Nahida can apply Dendro with each attack, and her skill further expands the element. Nahida’s elemental skill, All Schemes to Know, is a potent ability that marks up to eight enemies in front of her with a Seed of Skandha upon pressing the skill button. Holding down the button enables Nahida to aim and choose which enemies to target.

The Seed of Skandha inflicts Dendro damage on all enemies it affects and connects them together. If you trigger elemental reactions, such as Bloom-related damage, Nahida unleashes Tri-Karma Purification, a devastating attack that deals Dendro damage based on her attack and elemental mastery. Now to make her even stronger, you will need the right Genshin Impact Nahida Build.


Genshin Impact Nahida Build: Best Weapons 

A Thousand Floating Dreams

First off, the 5-star catalyst “A Thousand Floating Dreams” is a perfect fit for Nahida. It offers high attack stats along with a powerful elemental mastery buff as its secondary stat. Additionally, the weapon’s passive ability enhances mastery or attack based on the number of characters in the player’s party whose elements match Nahida’s element.

Skyward Atlas

Another excellent option is the “Skyward Atlas,” which provides comparable attack stats and has an attack bonus as its secondary stat. Its passive skill grants a 12% elemental damage buff, making it an attractive choice for Nahida players who want to increase their damage output.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

If you’re lucky enough to obtain the “Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds,” this weapon also offers a 12% elemental damage bonus through its passive ability, which stacks up to four times. However, it may be more challenging to obtain due to its limited availability.

Wandering Evenstar

For a 4-star option, the “Wandering Evenstar” catalyst is an excellent choice for Nahida. It has an elemental mastery buff as its secondary stat and a bonus that increases the player’s attack by 24% of their elemental mastery. This can provide a decent attack buff for free. It is much better when combined with Nahida’s “Tri-Karma Purification” ability, which scales with her attack.

Sacrificial Fragments

Lastly, the “Sacrificial Fragments” catalyst is a common 4-star option that provides a useful energy recharge bonus and the potential to reset skill cooldowns. This makes it a great choice for players who prioritize burst damage. However, it lacks an elemental mastery buff, so players will need to balance their priorities when selecting this weapon.

Genshin Impact Nahida Build: Best Artifacts 

For Nahida, the Deepwood Memories artifact set is the most effective choice, as it enhances her normal attacks. It also increases the damage of her Seed of Skandha ability. The 2-piece effect increases Dendro damage by 15%. The 4-piece effect decreases an opponent’s Dendro resistance by 30% after they’re hit with an elemental skill or burst.

To maximize her potential, prioritize elemental mastery as the secondary stat on the Goblet, Sands, and Crown Artifacts. Additionally, players should aim to equip a 5-star Plume of Death to gain a significant attack boost.


While the Deepwood Memories set is the optimal choice, Gilded Dreams is a strong second option for Nahida. The 2-piece effect boosts the user’s elemental mastery by 80. The 4-piece effect grants buffs based on the elemental type of the other party members triggered by reactions. For each party member with the same element as the equipped character, the attack increases by 14%. Elemental mastery increases by 50 for every party member with a different element. This set’s benefits focus on triggering reactions, making it a great choice for players who prioritize this strategy.

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