Here are all the Landing Platform Locations in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can reach all of them to complete the challenge and get all the rewards.

Hogwarts Legacy has many puzzles and challenges. The Landing Platform is one of the primary challenges in the game. Landing Platforms are exploration challenges that you can unlock in Castles, Highlands, Wizarding World, and other parts of Hogsmeade. Complete Landing Platform challenges will get you more rewards and spells. As of now, there are more than 10 Landing Platform challenges. To unlock and complete them, you need to find every landing platform location to get access to them. To those who are looking for Landing Platform locations in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s our guide with all the best locations to unlock landing platform quests in the game with rewards. 

All Landing Platform Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

You can find most Landing Platforms in Hogsmeade Valley. You can equip and use a broom or other flying mounts. Once you reach the spot, you can land in the middle. Here are all the landing platform locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Find the first one northeast of Hogsmeade Valley near a cliff.
  •  Make your way to the west of North Hogwarts and find the next landing platform near a cliff on the river.
  • Next, you can make your way to the southern region of Aranshire Hamlet in South Hogwarts and find the next landing platform on the cliffside.
  • Find the next landing platform on the keen bridge in the ruined buildings of Hogsmeade Valley
  • Explore the southern border of Hogsmeade Valley to find the next challenge in hilly regions near train tracks of the Northern South Sea Bog region.
  • Next, you can visit the eastern part of Hogsmeade Valley and find one challenge near Merlin Trial close to a mountain
  • The South Hogwarts region has another challenge. You can explore the Aranshire floo flame outside a cave southwest of Hogwarts Castle.
  • Make your way South of Feldcroft and find one Landing Platform on a cliff near a beach 
  • Explore the southern parts of the Poidsear Coast region to find the next one near floo flames
  • Cragcroftshire Platform has one Landing Platform. Find it towards the South of the cragcroft floo flames 
  • Explore the Korrow Ruins in North Hogwarts. Find the landing platform on the cliffs of the river.
  • On the Southeast of the North Hogwarts Region, you will find the next challenge at a small bandit camp.
  • Another Landing Platform on the West of Hogwarts Valley can be found at the Mind’s Eye. 
  • One more Landing Platform in the southern part of the Feldcroft platform can be found near the Moonstone Garden. Find the challenge near water
  • Marunweem Lake has one Landing Platform. You can find it on top of the structure near the Floo Flames. 

All these are the best locations to find landing platform challenges in Hogwarts Legacy. You can unlock and complete the challenges in these places and also other parts of Hogwarts Valley. 

Hogwarts Legacy Landing Platform locations


After completing landing platform exploration challenges, you will receive the following cosmetics and rewards.

  • Quidditch Captain outfit
  • Quidditch Captain’s Cape 
  • Quidditch Captain’s Gloves 
  • Quidditch Captain’s Helmet 
  • Quidditch Captain’s Uniform 
  • Brooms

All Hogwarts Landing Platform locations are shared here. Complete the challenges and unlock new rewards and cosmetics. We will come back with more Hogwarts Legacy updates and guides soon.

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