Genshin Impact Baizhu Ascension and Talent Materials


Here is everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Baizhu Ascension and Talent Materials and how you can farm them.

Baizhu Ascension Materials and Talent Materials are needed to upgrade Genshin Impact’s upcoming Dendro character. Here is everything to know about Baizhu Ascension Materials and Talent Materials in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact Version 3.6, a 5-star Dendro Catalyst character called Baizhu will be playable. As many gamers may already be aware, he is the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Lagenaria, which in Latin means “calabash,” is the name of Baizhu’s constellation. His ascension stat is Bonus HP%, and at maximum ascension, he gains 28.8% Bonus HP%.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom
Jadeplume Terrorshroom

Baizhu is yet to be Officially released in Genshin Impact. Many 3.6 leagues have revealed details about the dental character. From elemental skill and elemental burst, a lot has been revealed. A new league suggests all the talent and accession materials needed to level up this character.

If you want to improve its damage and healing potential you will have to ascend the Baizhu and level up its individual talents. In order to do this you have to farm a lot of materials in the game. If you Looking for a head start on farming before Baizhu’s banner makes its debut here is a guide for you.

Baizhu Ascension Materials

Baizhu in Genshin Impact
Baizhu in Genshin Impact

To ascend and level up Beizhu you have to fight the Dendro Hypostasis and Jadebloom Terrorshroom. These monsters drop  Nagagus Emerald Silver, Nagadus Emerald Fragments, Nagadus Emerald Chunks, Nagadus Emerald Gemstones, and other rare and useful items. Travelers will have to farm plenty of Violet cross, fungal spores, and Evergloom Ring.

  • 168 Violetgrass
  • Primary Ascension Materials (drops from Jadeplume Terrorshroom and Dendro Hypostases):
    • 1 Nagadus Emerald Sliver
    • 9 Nagadus Emerald Fragment
    • 9 Nagadus Emerald Chunk
    • 6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstone
  • Fungi drops:
    • 18 Fungal Spores
    • 30 Luminescent Pollen
    • 36 Crystalline Cyst Dust
  • Iniquitous Lustrator drops:
    • 46 Evergloom Ring
  • 420,000 Mora
  • 412 Hero’s Wit + 2 Wanderer’s Advice (or equivalent EXP)

Baizhu Talent Materials

Baizhu Talent Materials
Baizhu Talent Materials

Now. let’s have a look at all the talent Materials for Baizhu in Genshin Impact. The following supplies are needed to raise each of Baizhu’s three-fight abilities to Talent Level 10. Only the Weekly Boss drops cannot be pre-farmed because they require an upcoming (but unknown) weekly boss. Version 3.6 will also include this boss’ release.

Talent Level-Up MaterialsTeachings of Gold x9Guide to Gold x64Philosophies of Gold x114
Common Ascension MaterialsFungal Spores x18Luminescent Pollen x66Crystalline Cyst Dust x93
Weekly Boss MaterialsCrown on Insight x3

This is everything to know about Baizhu Ascension Materials and Talent Materials you have to level up the Dendro character.

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