Who is Cayde in Destiny 2 – The Story So Far


Are you wondering who is Cayde Destiny 2? He is a very old character in the game and we have all the details about him.

Cayde-6, the beloved character from Bungie’s Destiny video game series, has captivated players with his witty humor, charming personality, and significant role within the game’s narrative. 

He is a prominent non-player character and leader among the Guardians. Cayde Destiny 2 plays a vital role in defending Earth’s last safe city against alien threats. In this article, we will get into Cayde-6’s origins, his journey throughout the Destiny series, and the impact he has made on both players and the game’s storyline.

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The Rise of Cayde-6

Cayde-6 is an Exo, a highly advanced robotic entity created by the fictional company ‘Braytech’. However, what sets Cayde-6 apart is that he possesses the consciousness of a once-living human being. Like other Guardians, he is accompanied by a Ghost, a floating robotic companion bestowed upon them by the enigmatic Traveler. Through the power of Light granted by the Traveler, Cayde-6 and his fellow Guardians protect the last safe city on Earth.

He was initially introduced in the 2014 video game Destiny as a supporting character. Cayde-6 gains prominence in the Destiny universe with the release of the 2015 expansion, Destiny: The Taken King. From there, he becomes an integral part of the series’ narrative, captivating players with his charismatic demeanor and humorous quips.

The Tragic Demise

However, the Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken marked a turning point in Cayde-6’s story. In a shocking twist, Cayde-6 meets his untimely demise, leaving a void in the hearts of both players and fellow Guardians. Voiced by Nathan Fillion throughout the majority of his appearances, Cayde-6’s final moments were brought to life by Nolan North, adding a poignant touch to the character’s farewell.

The Impact and Controversy of Cayde Destiny 2

Cayde-6’s popularity among Destiny’s player base grew exponentially following the release of The Taken King expansion. Despite this, Bungie, the game’s developer, had long contemplated killing off Cayde-6 as a means of generating renewed interest in the game’s narrative. The decision to remove such a beloved character sparked a wide range of reactions from both critics and players alike.

Unveiling Cayde-6’s Persona

To understand Cayde-6 fully, it’s essential to explore his characterization within the Destiny universe. While Cayde-6 is not biologically human, his Exo form houses the mind and personality of a once-living individual. The specific Cayde-6 we encounter is based on someone who willingly became an Exo to resolve their debts, leaving behind heartfelt journal entries addressed to their son.

The numerical designation attached to an Exo’s name signifies the number of times their system has undergone a reboot. Each reboot erases memories and makes it progressively more challenging for an Exo to recall recent experiences. Cayde-6’s name indicates that he has been rebooted six times, including the moment he was awakened as a Guardian, entrusted with protecting humanity’s last safe city.

Cayde-6’s Post-Apocalyptic Revival

Following the Collapse, a catastrophic event that brought an end to humanity’s golden age, Cayde-6 is revived as a Guardian by his Ghost, Sundance. However, this process leaves him with only fragmented memories of his past life. To serve as reminders, Cayde-6 keeps a journal and a deck of playing cards, each card representing different memories. Surprisingly, despite his inorganic nature, Cayde-6 possesses the ability to consume human food, relishing dishes such as ramen. Additionally, he shares a special bond with his pet chicken named Colonel, offering a glimpse into his endearing and quirky personality.

Cayde-6: Hunter and Vanguard

Within the Guardians’ hierarchy, Cayde-6 initially serves as the leader of the Hunters, one of the three factions dedicated to safeguarding humanity’s last bastion. Hunters fulfill the vital role of scouts, venturing beyond the Last City to gather intelligence and undertake missions on behalf of their allies.

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Tragically, the loss of the closest friend of Cayde Destiny 2 drives him to assume the role of Vanguard, an esteemed leader among the Hunter faction. As part of the Vanguard, Cayde-6 is responsible for coordinating the defense efforts of the Last City. However, this newfound position restrains him within the confines of the Tower, preventing him from exploring the world beyond. Despite his restricted role, Cayde-6 maintains his lighthearted nature, providing players with quests and acting as a vendor for in-game items.

The Demise and the Pursuit of Justice

Cayde Destiny 2 permanent demise in Forsaken fuels the narrative of the expansion. His death sparks a relentless pursuit of justice as players embark on a quest to avenge his murder. Cayde-6’s killers become the central focus of the story campaign, propelling players on a thrilling and emotionally charged journey.

The Mystery of Cayde Destiny 2 Return

While Cayde-6’s death in Forsaken remains a significant moment in Destiny’s history, the recent trailer for the expansion The Final Shape has left fans intrigued. The trailer seemingly hints at Cayde Destiny 2 return, presenting a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the character and the game itself.

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