If you love Scary Games then you must take a look at our scary games Halloween 2022 list of games.

There are several horror games that are known for their thrill and the  suspense that they create. There is no better time to play these games than in this spooky season of Halloween.

The sense of control in these horror games is something that makes it worth the scare that it gives. Players can often feel uneasy and tense when playing horror games. Some people may also find horror games scary because of their graphic and disturbing content.

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If you are looking for spicing up your halloween this year, here are some of the top horror scary games that you should try out from our list of scary games Halloween 2022.

Resident Evil 7 

Nothing better than playing a classic Resident Evil game this halloween! RE7 Biohazard is set in a creepy, abandoned house in the midst of nowhere in Louisiana. However, the house may not seem to be abandoned at all as it is filled with deadly mold creatures, all looking more than eager to destroy the player. 

The game is one heck of an adventure of survival, providing the top-notch experience for any horror enthusiast. If you are looking for an authentic terrifying experience, this is the one you should go for.

The Evil Within 2 

This game is set in a dilapidated town called Union which once housed a psychiatric hospital. The lead character, Sebastian Castellanos, is on a mission to save his daughter Lily while uncovering some of the deepest and darkest secrets of this desolated town. 

The town has been totally devastated with most of its residents either killed or turned into terrifying abominations. This game does provide you with non-stop action and thrills for this halloween. If you are not of faint heart, this one is definitely for you. 

Outlast 2

Outlast is a classic horror franchise and nothing is better than playing one of the most spine-chilling game of all time, Outlast 2. The game is set in the woods of Temple Gate, Colorado and follows journalist Blake Langermann’s investigation through the death of a mysterious pregnant woman referred to as Jane Doe. 

The game’s eerie and scary atmosphere is what makes it increasingly worth investing in. You only have one thing to do here – hide and record with your camera. The lack of control and sheer imitation of human nature is something that many players appreciate for this game. A definite spooky experience for this halloween!

Layers of Fear 

This game is a seasoned piece of work which can spook even the veteran horror enthusiasts. Layers of Fear is a psychological horror experience that follows the narrative of uncovering the dark past lurking within the game. You should definitely try this one for some spooky and thrilling experience. 


Amnesia is set in a haunted and spooky castle where the player needs to find out its lurking secrets. In this game, players cannot fight back, which is one of the reasons it has held up and is talked about so much. Having no way to fight back, players have no choice but to run and hide or pray that they will survive. This amplifies the horror into overdrive.

Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, the teams are unequal, which makes it an “asymmetrical” multiplayer game. In the game, four players take control of normal people struggling to survive, while a fifth player controls a powerful killer stalking people and trying to kill them. It features an array of licensed characters, including Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game 

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2.Featuring the voices and likenesses of the original Ghostbusters cast, the game is set in 1991. This remastered version is well worth revisiting on modern consoles. This is a great game on our list of scary games Halloween 2022.


There are tons of cooperative multiplayer shooters that allow you to take down hordes of enemies with your friends. The difficulty of GTFO, however, makes it stand out from its counterparts.As you explore an underground complex with limited resources, you try not to wake up too many enemies at once, while always preparing for the worst. And for sure, the worst is bound to happen. 


We can never miss out the original Outlast from this list. Among the most messed up entries in this subgenre, Outlast is the worst. Keeping your camcorder’s battery alive is your only source of light as you sneak around Mount Massive Asylum. Just like Outlast 2, this game is a must play this halloween season. 

Dead Space 

One of the best survival-horror games ever made is Dead Space. The story puts you in the shoes of a space explorer aboard a mining ship infested with mutilated monsters, armed with industrial weapons that are capable of dismembering them limb from limb. Due to the game’s success, its developer, EA Redwood Shores, was rebranded Visceral Games and started working on sequels. None of its sequels could however ever surpass this original masterpiece. 

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