The Best Mods for Baldur’s Gate 3



Enhance your Baldur’s Gate 3 experience with our top picks for mods. Explore a world of new possibilities and adventures!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a world-class RPG and exploration game. Here, you have to complete stories, puzzle-based quests and side-quests. There are also numerous boss fights and challenges in the game’s main campaign. There are three acts and 12 in-game levels. To progress to new levels, you have to farm gold and exp by slaying monsters.

The best way to win challenges is by procuring legendary items, gear sets and more equipment. Also, you can unlock new spells and elixirs to increase your defense. These might be hard, but this is the only way to only level up in the game.  As there are plenty of stories and chapters, you also have to negotiate with NPCs and complete their deals. You can complete some companion quests to earn free exclusive rewards as well.

Players who struggle to level up can exploit in-game mods. Though mods are not legal in Baldur’s Gate 3, players tend to use them to exploit new features. There are tons of mods to use. Here are the best mods to use in Baldur’s Gate 3 right now.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Best Mods To Use!

Some of the Nexus Mods are primarily used by players in Baldur’s Gate 3. These will enhance your gaming experience. So, find out the topmost mods for Baldur’s Gate III here,

Baldur's Gate 3 mods
  • Increased Level EXP requirements  – If you are tired of finishing the stories quickly, this Nexus mod is here to make the game interesting. This mod ensures you have to accumulate more exp points to level up in Baldur’s Gate 3. The level exp requirements will increase by 20%. This makes the game more gripping and you have to up your game as well.
  • Short Rest Tweaks – Even taking a short nap costs you bucks. But this mod will reduce the cost for Short Rest. You can edit and remove the cost supplies of campsite. This is a useful mod to use in early stages of Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Long Rest Costs Tweaks – This mode reduces the price for long rest at the camp. Long rest for Tactician mode requires 80 camp supplies, while the Balanced and Explorer difficulty modes will only require 40.
  • Wine and Revelry – A new race, Satyr, comes to the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Play as the goat-legged merry Feywild. This NPC will have the appearance of a magical goat and human.
  • Achievement Enabler – This mod is required if you want to unlock all Achievements and Trophies in Baldur’s Gate III. Once you use a mod, you won’t get the option to collect achievements. This is where this Nexus Mod comes handy. Install this mode to unlock achievements on both Steam and GoG. Complete chapters and unlock all achievements in the game.
  • Camp Event Notifications – Whenever you don’t take a long rest even if you are asked to do, you will not be able to get notifications about events. But this mod helps you overcome this. Once you activate the mod, you will be notified with events. You can check for notifications about your character’s head that also comes with a floating exclamation point. Once you are notified, you have to immediately take a long rest to take part in such camp events.
  • Dye Dye Dye –  If you are a fan of cosmetics, then use this mod. Dye Dye Dye adds a variety of dye and cosmetics in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can purchase it from Arron in the first act and Dantheleon in the second act. Customize your looks and gear items with these dyes. Also, this will be unlocked with the Nautiloid hidden treasure chest.
  • Half-Elf Unleashed – Unleash the best skills of Half-Elves using this mod. You will get new passive features, passive skills, and elven weapon training. Also, the perception proficiency is unlocked.
  • More Hairs – If you are looking to change your hairstyles, this mod is yours to own. More Hairs will be added to your Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation tab. Unlock new hairstyles for Githyanki, Shadowheart, Humans and Half-Elves. Every hairstyle will be unique and an instant attraction as well.
  • Ring of Minor Rituals – Use this mod to speak to animals, creatures, beasts and dead enemies. Unlock a Ring called Ring Of Minor Rituals and unlock new special skills to your characters.
  • Honey’s Hair Kitchen – Use this mod to unlock two extra hairstyles for Shadowheart. Also, many more hairstyles for female units of BG 3 will be added as well.
  • Cleric Subclasses Release – This mod will be a treat for all clerics. Level 20 will be added to Arcana, Death, Peace, Forge, Grave, Order,  Twilight Domain. Also, new missing abilities for War, Knowledge, Light, Life and Nature will be added at level 6. The handbook will also add more Faerûn deities.
  • Carry Weight Tweaks –   Weight limits will be increased and you will be able to carry more equipment in your bags. Unlock new weapons, gear items and equipment and add them to your new bags
  • Astral Sea Dice Set – Add new Astral Sea Dice Set to your hoard. You will gain more rolls as well. 
  • Fighter Unleashed – Fighter class heroes will be able to unleash their beast skills. You will gain extra Fighting styles, durable feat, sentinel feat and charger feat.
  • Ellian’s Hair – This will add Ellian’s hairstyles to Tieflings, Humans,  Elves and Drows. Some unique hairstyles can be unlocked using this mod.
  • Daughter of Lolth – Minthara – Use this ring and summon Minthara. Add her as a companion to your party. A fully functional Minthara with powers will guide you throughout battles. Meet her at the Tiefling Party and complete new questlines
  • Better Loot – This increases your chances of looting. Be it treasure chests or enemies, you can fill your containers with lots of gold, weapons and equipment.
  • Custom Dice – This mod unlocks 18 new twenty-sided dice variants to the game. Unlock 1d20 variants and get more rolls
  • Variant of Orin’s Hair – Unlock the boss, Orin’s Hair with level 1 body type. All races except half-orcs can unlock the hairstyle.
  • Visible Shields – Shields will be visible when your weapons are Sheathed
  • Overpowered Rings – Unlock rings for all companions, NPCs and custom made characters. Meet the Halfling merchant, Arron, in the Druid Grove to purchase them. All rings are overpowered and will grant huge bonus skills
  • Arcane Rings – Use this mod and unlock 45+ spells to all your arcane magical rings
  • More Frequent Rings – Unlocking BG3 feats becomes easier with this mod. You will unlock new feats at level 2, 4 , 6, 8 , 10 etc instead of the regular 4, 8, 12.
  • 5e Spells – Add some new spells that have never been implemented in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can unlock and use these spells from the first act. Some powerful magical spells get unlocked with this mod
  • Horns of FaerunCharacters can unlock new horns and models. You can access this from the character creation tab. All characters and races except the dragonborns will be able to unlock textures and meshes.
  • Faerun Utility – Faerun Utility mod adds hundreds of new spells. These cheat spells can be cast anytime against any enemies. This also lets you spawn new items and equipment in front of enemies. You can go invisible and turn targets into powerless stones. You can increase your stats and go beast mode in Baldur’s Gate III.
  • Gold Zero WeightFarm unlimited gold in your bags as the weight of Gold goes below zero and you won’t feel anything while carrying these primary currency in the game.
  • Eyes of the Beholder – This is an accessory mod for eyes. Customize your characters’ eyes and also unlock the glowing effects. You can add new shapes and colors to pupils.
  • Human Unleashed – Unlock the full potential of Humans and slay your foes with new proficiency levels. This mod also adds the Halfling passive features and dark vision.
  • Camp Outfits of Skills – Unlock new skills with camp outfits. Proficiency and expertise bonuses will be increased for all skills.
  • No Romance Limit – This is an amazing mod for all players who are experts in romancing and flirting. Those who love to flirt and can now romance ‘N’ number of companions. This mod also lets you promote your relationship to stable levels
  • Feats Upgraded – An effective mode that will increase Ability Score to all feats. Once you reach higher levels, +1 ability score will be added.
  • Level Up QuickComplete challenges and level up quickly. You will be able to farm more exp and quickly reach the 12th level.
  • Another Face for Minthara – Customize Minthara’s appearance and enhance her beauty with new accessories. This mod can even reduce her anger and sad expressions. Minthara’s tone and textures will be improved and you will witness a more beautiful version of her.
  • Extra Feats at Low Levels – Unlock feats at every level starting from 4th. Also, feats for classes are not modified including the fighters. This mod doesn’t modify any of your stats as well.

These are the best mods for every act. These Baldur’s Gate 3 mods can be used in early game and late game. Using mods is risky and might land you in trouble. Always ensure you have saved your game’s progress and you can also keep a separate copy of your in-game files in a folder before deploying these mods.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you Become a Mind Flayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yes, you can play as a Mind Flayer. But this is entirely based on stories and companions that you choose in early acts in the game. Mind Flayer is an evil monster in Baldur’s Gate III. In the final act, you have to make some challenging decisions and kill emperors to possess the powers of a Mind Flayer.

Is Wizard a Good Class in Baldur’s Gate III?

Wizards are your magical heroes. They have massive abilities and can deal colossal damage. The best thing about playing as a wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is you get access to all types of spells and scrolls. Wizard is an arcane magic and stun enemies with their crowd control and status ailment effects. You can pair wizards with cleric and druid.

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