How to Complete the Druid Grove Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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While exploring the Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can play quests and these are essential for your progress in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an intriguing roleplaying game. Players have to traverse across many locations in every biome. Each location holds a set of quests and boss battles. Druid Grove is a major location where you can find tons of quests for druid and other classes as well. You can complete Druid Grove quests by interacting with NPCs and merchants here. Know the basic tips and tricks of BG 3 quests in this guide here.

There are many major sub-areas here and the chapter one quests of Druid Grove world are out now. There are 8 major quests in the First Act for Druid Grove locations. These can be challenging if you don’t go with the right builds and weapons. Here’s all about the Baldur’s Gate 3 druid grove quest and ways to complete the quest easily.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid Grove Quest Guide – Tips and Tricks!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid grove quest includes plenty of objectives. Also, you get many rewards along with gold for completing these missions. Here are all major Druid Grove quests of Baldur’s Gate III,

Baldur's Gate 3 druid grove quest

Removing The Parasite

This quest comes under chapter one, Act 1 in BG 3. Your first task is to find Zorru in the druid’s cove. Find Zorru within the caves and take him to Lae’zel. Your next stop is Githyanki crèche. Here, you must find the Kin as your next task.

Get to the north west of Waukeen’s Rest. Slay enemies and also defeat the Githyanki patrol to collect the Elaborate Plate. Thus can also be utilized to track the location of Crèche. Next, you have to meet Druid Haslin, an NPC from the global territory camp in the old temple of Selûne.

Rescue Druid Haslin and meet Aunty Ethel in Sunlit Wetlands. You have to seek help for removing parasite at the camp. But this can turn complicated as the merchant will ask for one of your eyes and you have to be wary of these things. Next, you can proceed to ask help from the Goblin Priestess.

You can acquire magical spells from the priestess. Then, proceed to meet the Healer, Nettie and upgrade your hp as well. Meet Omeluum in Underdark and get him some ingredients to make him your companion. Once done, you can meet Larva and find more about the Parasite.

Your next location is Arcane Tower where you can find ingredients for Omeluum and this is located on Southwest of the Underdark. Defeat Arcane turrets and activate the elevator inside the zone. Now find the way to the basement and collect Madness mushrooms and Timmask Spore. Hand these over to Omeluum and collect a magical potion. Complete the remaining objectives and remove the parasite to complete this quest.

Save the Refugee

This quest becomes available in the first chapter as well. There has been a major issue in the city of Druid and Kagha wants to shut the grove. She also insists the Tieflings race to leave the city.

The roads in goblin camps are scary and you have to interact with Haslin, Rath and Zevlor to resolve the issue smoothly. The Baldur’s Gate is so far from Goblins and this makes it harder for Tieflings to reach their locations.

Your next task is to defeat Kagha and other Druids and save the Tieflings as well. Next, steal the chest from Kagha and discover the secret.

Reach Putrid Bog and approach a treasure chest near the island. The wooden chest is located near the large tree base. Clear out enemies that spawn inside the island. Next, you have to find a Letter to Kagha from the Wooden Crevice.

Defeat the shadow druids in your next task and unlock the Emerald Grove. A series of small tasks will arrive. You have to complete these and the final one is to activate all runes. Finally, kill all the goblin leaders and get your rewards. With this, you can complete this quest.

Find the Nightsong

Find the Nightsong quest can be played in all three acts. You have a great chance to get a random from a Wizard class NPC, but there’s a condition as well.

You have to find and bring the Nightsong that’s located in the goblin camp temple and hand it over to the wizard. To find it, you must locate a temple and collect a map from the adventurer, Dwarf Brian.

Your next stop is Defiled Temple. You can reach it from Shattered Sanctum that’s south of Goblin Camp. Slay small enemies inside and complete the puzzle quest to progress further. Travel to the Gauntlet of Shar from the Grand Mausoleum. Now activate the path by tapping the portal buttons beneath the color paintings. Now, you can look for clues regarding the location of the Nightsong.

Complete the next set of puzzle quests and win a mini-boss fight challenge against the Nightsong enemy to complete this part.

Steal the Sacred Idol

Once you complete Find the Nightsong quest, you can proceed with this in the first chapter, first act. As the quest name indicates, you have to find and steal a sacred idol in a mysterious location.

This quest begins inside the goblin territory. You have to free Tiefling and unlock the entrance to Hideout. Clear out enemies that spawn inside and find the entrance door that leads you to the Sacred Idol.

You can use the Shadow of Menzoberranzan’s skill from Myconid colony and use it to steal the idol. Complete and solve the ritual issue with Kagha and reach the altar where you can find the idol as well. Get the idol and return back to your zone. Claim your rewards and complete the quest as well.

Investigate the Beach

This quest takes place in Secluded Clove. There are multiple objectives for this quest. Travel to the location from the Sacred Pool in the Emerald Grove. Your first task is to help an entranced child.

Entranced Child, a Tiefling boy is bamboozled by the Song of Harpy. You have to deviate Entranced child from the song and this will initiate the quest as well. You have to break the loose and help the child to progress further. Also, you have to defeat some Harpies and interact with Mirkon, an upgraded form of the child.

Now you have to get the password from the child which also serves as a key to meet Doni and unlock the Tiefling’s Hideout as well. You can’t interact with the NPC, Doni, but he will make sure you reach the Hideout without any trouble. Also, you can unlock a treasure chest near the rock formation.

Finally you can reach the Tiefling at The Hollow that is located near the entrance of the Sacred Pool. Tell the Password and proceed to Leave the zone. There will be more small tasks at the end and by completing these objectives, this quest will be done.

Save Arabella

Arabella, an innocent child, is wrongly trapped by the druids on charges of a theft. Kagha is aware of the situation and is ready to slay Arabella. You have to save her before it’s all over. Kagha is working with the forces of druids in Sunlit Wetlands. They are planning to kill Arabella using a poisonous snake.

To stop all these, you have to counter Kagha in the Emerald Grove and also some rats will turn as shadow druids. Defeat all these enemies and then you can take Arabella to her parents. Also, you can recruit her as your camp companion that’s located in Rethiwin  Graveyard. Saving Arabella from Kagha and the poisonous serpent is what this task is all about.

The Hellion’s Heart 

The Hellion’s Heart is the final major quest in Druid Grove locations of Baldur’s Gate 3. This is a companion quest and can be acquired from the NPC companion, Karlach. The quest is a party of the Our Fiery Friend in act 2 of the campaign.

You have to assist Karlach for this quest as she has to repair her engine. You have to find an internal mechanic and infernal iron. Find the parts that can be used to craft the engine. 

You have to defeat enemies that stop your progress and finding the Infernal Mechanic can be really hard. You have to explore the entire location and find them. Once all are done, the quest is completed.

That’s how you can complete all primary druid grove quests and challenges in Baldur’s Gate III. These are all main campaign story missions and will rewards you with plenty of xp and gold. With these, you can level up fast in the game as well. The other major rewards for druid grove quests in BG 3 include,

  • Cherished Locket (Uncommon Amulet)
  • Legendary Equipment and Amulets
  • Free EXP
  • A letter or story about your bravery from one of the Tiefling Kids
  • Ring of Protection, a Rare Ring

Earn these rewards and progress in the game. Druid Grove is a prominent location in Baldur’s Gate 3 and by completing these quests, you can enhance your skills and playing style. These types of challenges also boost your performances in the game.

All these story missions will be challenging and you have to procure the best BG3 weapons to overcome the dangerous enemies.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it Necessary to Play in Multiplayer Mode of BG 3?

There’s nothing like that, but you get an advantage in co-op mode. Also, going solo gets you more experience points.

Is Learning Spells Difficult in Baldur’s Gate III?

Once you level up in the game, you can unlock new spells for each class. You can master them by taking a glance on scrolls. Once you learn more about spells, you can add them to your spell books.

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