How to Find the Most Powerful Items in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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The most powerful items in Baldur’s Gate 3 will boost your skills and you can tussle against those menacing enemies vigorously.

Baldur’s Gate III, the action roleplaying game has arrived amid huge anticipation. After a long early access window, the full version of BG 3 is back with some gripping stories, fantastic visuals, haunting background music and powerful companions. Also, you can romance these companions. BG 3 also has a multiplayer party mode that supports 4 characters. The open world locations of Baldur’s Gate 3 are filled with side-quests, boss fights, events, puzzle-based challenges and dragon battles. 

The turn-based battles can be tricky if you miss out on the best weapons and builds in the game. There are many locations where you meet several NPCs to acquire side-quests. The game’s weaponry includes swords, shields, daggers, glaives and axes. You can unlock new perks and skills as well. There are many legendary weapons and items that you must equip to prepare for mighty challenges in all levels.

 Once you reach level 5 of BG 3, the challenges become very hard and you can only survive them using legendary equipment. There are many ways to equip these powerful items of Baldur’s Gate 3, but the chances remain low as you get different items as drops in different locations. Sometimes you get a weapon, sometimes it will be gold and this makes it hard to grab all legendary items. Here sre the best ways to procure all powerful items and resources in Baldur’s Gate 3 from our guide.

Best Ways to Farm Baldur’s Gate 3 Powerful Items and Weapons!

There are 12 in-game levels and 3 acts in Baldur’s Gate 3. In every chapter, you get an opportunity to unlock plenty of items. It can be done in several ways as well. You can farm the most powerful Baldur’s Gate III legendary items and weapons easily. Also, find out the easiest methods to farm gold in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Incandescent Staff 

A very rare quarter staff and two-handed melee weapon that’s available from act 2 of BG 3. This can be earned from Quartermaster Talli at the Last Light Inn for some gold coins. This weapon grants an increased attack to ranged spells. Also, it grants resistance to fire damage. You can unlock Fireball spell and Fire Bolt Evocation Cantrip spell. Topple, the proficiency action gets unlocked as well.

Baldur's Gate 3 powerful items

The Blood of Lathander

A legendary Mace weapon that’s best used with a healing character. To get this, you must solve a puzzle in Rosymorn Monastery that’s located south of the Mountain Pass. Here, you have to find the hexagonal room puzzle on the second floor. There comes a new puzzle-based quest and this will be confusing for major parts.

Find all three Monastery levels and solve them on each floor. Once the puzzle is completed, you can get back with the weapon. The Blood of Lathander provides huge hitpoints. Concussive Smash action gets unlocked with its proficiency.

Corrosive Flail 

A magical flail weapon that comes in rare rarity can be used to deal acid damage. This can be unlocked in the Underdark area by completing a quest. It can also be earned from a merchant Derryth Bonecloak in the Ebonlake Grotto location. This flail works well in range and unleashes Corrosive Strikes that can deal additional acid damage type based on your proficiency bonus level stats. This creates an instant pool of acid around the target that will slowly reduce Armour Class by 2.

Ne’er Misser 

 A magical rare hand crossbow that’s available in Moonrise Tower from the trader  Roah Moonglow. You can complete some side-quests in Moonrise Tower to earn this as a free reward as well.

 This weapon deals force damage and you can cast magic missiles from level 3. This also shoots 3 magical darts and they will deal  2-5 Force damage. Ne’er Misser can be used to enchant weapons and you can unlock two powerful actions including the Mobile Shot and Piercing Shot.

Least Expected 

An enchanted rare Shortbow that’s unlocked in a Gilded treasure chest at Gauntlet of Shar. This allows players to deal extra bonus damage while hidden in shadows. You can unlock Darkveil Precision and get a +1d4 bonus to their ranged weapon attacks. Hamstring Shot action is unlocked as well. Overall, this two-handed weapon can be highly effective for side-quests and boss fight challenges.

Helldusk Armor 

 A legendary and heavy armor equipment that is available in House of Hope. You have to interact with the NPC, Helsik, and also complete the Escape the Deal quest to earn this. Also, Raphael drops this armor as a reward during the Removing the Parasite side-quest. 

You turn proficient and there will be no AC bonus from dexterity. Saving Throw lets you unlock the burning status effects for three rounds. Your damage gets reduced and you can become resistant against fire damage as well. Armor sets are always effective and your defense gets enhanced and you become powerful in battles.

Silver Sword of the Astral Plane

 A dashing legendary greatsword that you can unlock in Sharess’ Caress. You have to do the Githyanki Warrior quest by taking Raphael’s deal and also after an interaction with the Kith’rak Voss. Complete this quest and get the item as a drop from Voss  using the Command drop in act 1. This weapon can be used to rend the enemy’s body and soul to stun them. Githyanki can use this weapon and deal additional psychic damage.

Also, githyanki holding this weapon will gain advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma Saving Throws, and Resistance to Psychic Damage. But all these  can’t be charmed.

Devotee’s Mace

This legendary mace is unlocked once you reach level 10 with a cleric class in your party and you have to cast divine intervention and select arm thy servant option. Then the weapon becomes permanently available. Healing Incense Aura action can be unlocked with this weapon. Use this weapon in main hand and deal extra damage. Concussive Smash and Backbreaker actions will be unlocked automatically.

Sword of Life Stealing

A short and powerful sword that can be purchased from the NPC merchant Dammon in the Last Light Inn. Unleash a Critical Hit, your enemy will receive extra necrotic damage. Your character gets 10 temporary hit points. Flourish and Piercing Strike will be unlocked with Proficiency. Weapon Enhancement will be +1 every time you use this weapon.

Mourning Frost

A magical two-handed melee weapon that’s found in the Underdark. You can craft it with three different ingredients that include Icy Crystal, Ice Helve and Ice Metal. It has three equipment features. Heart of Ice lets you deal additional cold damage. Insidious Cold can be used with a spell and deal cold damage to unleash Chilled status effects on targets. Chilled, the final feature can make targets vulnerable against cold damage and you gain resistance against fire damage as well. The Ray of Wielder spell can be used to cast a cantrip. Weapon Enhancement gets increased and you can get the Topple action.

These are the top 10 powerful items in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can farm them by completing quests or by using gold coins. You can unlock other similar legendary items of Baldur’s Gate III by playing side-quests, completing stories, defeating bosses, playing dungeons and events.

With more legendary weapons in your kit, the challenges can be completed with ease. Earn these top-tier weapons and level up fast in Baldur’s Gate III. These can be used primarily for all BG 3 side-quests.

These legendary items can be used to form the best Wyll Build, Minsc Build and more.

Frequently Asked Question

Is leveling up easy in BG 3?

Leveling up in BG 3 is easy and difficult at the same time. It’s all about exploring and deploying the right strategies against enemies. All you need to do is to farm xp by exploring and playing quests. With these, you can level up easily.

What is the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race?

There are over 20 races in Baldur’s Gate III. Every race functions in a unique way. You can go with Elf, Human, Githyanki, Tieflings or even Half-Orc. Halfling race is another best option as well.

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