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For the best BG3 Wyll build, use “Cloak of the Weave”. It offers bonuses on attack rolls and Spell saves, along with the ability to absorb elemental damage.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the key to success is often putting together the right group of explorers. Wyll stands out as a strong companion among the many interesting allies you can recruit. Wyll is a human warlock who is known as the “Blade of Frontiers” figure. In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, his character is moved by the good goal of spreading good and getting rid of evil. In Act 1, when you first meet him, he only has a Rapier, Leather Boots, and Padded Armor.

To unlock his true potential, we’ll delve into the best subclass and equipment choices for Wyll. This guide is dedicated to crafting the best BG3 Wyll build, ensuring you harness his full potential as a Warlock in this epic RPG.


Choosing the Right Subclass

Wyll’s journey as a Warlock offers three intriguing subclasses: the Fiend, the Archfey, and The Great Old One. Each subclass comes with its unique attributes, but for a Wyll build that excels in dealing damage and surviving combat, the Fiend subclass is the clear winner. The Fiend subclass emphasizes maximizing damage output and provides valuable resistances and immunities, making Wyll a strong force on the battlefield. Dark One’s Blessing, a Fiend-specific feature, grants additional health points upon defeating an enemy, while Eldrich Blast serves as the primary source of damage.

While the Archfey subclass leans towards deception and trickery, boosting persuasion and intimidation, and The Great Old One focuses on mind-controlling spells, the Fiend subclass aligns perfectly with Wyll’s fiery temperament and combat prowess.

Equipping Wyll for Success

To fully optimize Wyll’s potential, it’s crucial to outfit him with the right gear. Given his role as a Warlock with the Fiend subclass, his primary source of damage is through spells. Additionally, his high Charisma, Constitution, and Dexterity make him an ideal spellcaster. Here’s a breakdown of the best equipment choices for Wyll:

Best BG3 Wyll Build: Melee Weapons

  • Staff of Crones: This uncommon Magic weapon is an excellent starting choice, providing the “Ray of Sickness” spell that inflicts poison damage on its target.
  • Infernal Rapier: Specifically designed for spellcasters, this powerful weapon deals piercing damage, and it adds spellcasting proficiency to your attacks.
  • Rapier +1: An upgraded version of the Rapier, this weapon deals piercing damage and allows you to deal even more damage in combat.
  • Markoheshkir: A late-game option, this weapon boasts the “Arcane Enchantment,” granting a bonus on Spell attacks and saves during combat. It also includes the Arcane Battery feature, allowing you to cast the next spell for free.
  • Halberd of Vigilance: This halberd provides advantages on perception checks and initiative rolls, along with a gift when you make an attack roll as a reaction.
  • Incandescent Staff: This staff deals bludgeoning damage to enemies, grants resistance to fire damage, and provides access to the Firebolt and Fireball spells for added versatility.
  • Pact of the Blade: If you haven’t found a suitable weapon for Wyll by level 3, you can rely on the Pact of the Blade, allowing you to summon any weapon through magic.

Best BG3 Wyll Build: Ranged Weapons

As a spellcaster, Wyll has access to spells that deal ranged damage to enemies. Consider the following options for enhancing his ranged capabilities:

  • Darkfire Shortbow: This shortbow not only increases resistance to Cold and fire damage but also allows the shooter to apply Haste, gaining an extra action that can turn the tide of battle.

Best BG3 Wyll Build: Armor

Equipping Wyll with the right armor is essential for protection and enhancing his abilities. Here are the best armor pieces for a Wyll build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Head: Helldusk Helmet: This helmet grants the ability to see through darkness within a 12m range, preventing blindness and critical attacks from enemies. It also provides a bonus on Saving Throws against spells.
  • Cape: Cloak of the Weave: This cape offers a bonus on attack rolls and Spell saves. During a short rest, it can absorb elemental damage, reducing the next elemental attack’s damage by half. It also enhances your elemental damage output.
  • Chest: Potent Robe: The Potent Robe increases Cantrips’ damage based on your charisma modifier and provides additional health based on your charisma score.
  • Gloves: Quickspell Gloves: These gloves offer the Quickspell Flinger feature, allowing you to cast Cantrip spells that normally cost an action as a bonus action. This effect can be used after every short rest.
  • Boots: Disintegration Night Walkers: These boots eliminate movement limitations such as Enwebbed, Entangled, or Ensnared. They also prevent slipping on grease or ice and provide Misty Step once per short rest.
  • Amulets: Amulet of Greater Health: This amulet increases constitution, boosting your health substantially.
  • Rings: Killer’s Sweetheart and Shifting Corpus Ring: These rings are ideal for a Wyll build, granting critical hit potential after defeating an enemy and access to invisibility and Blur Spells when equipped with the Shifting Corpus Ring.


With the right subclass and equipment choices, Wyll can become an unstoppable force in Baldur’s Gate 3. Harnessing his potential as a Fiend Warlock, you can lead him to victory against the darkest of enemies. Equip him wisely, and watch as he dominates the battlefield, spreading goodness and vanquishing evil in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.


What makes the Fiend subclass the best choice for Wyll’s build in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Fiend subclass is ideal for Wyll due to its focus on dealing maximum damage and providing essential resistances and immunities. It complements Wyll’s fiery nature and offers abilities like Dark One’s Blessing, which grants extra health upon defeating enemies, and Eldrich Blast, a powerful source of damage.

Can Wyll effectively use ranged weapons, considering his role as a spellcaster?

Yes, Wyll can utilize ranged weapons effectively, especially with spells like Eldrich Blast and Fireball. The Darkfire Shortbow, in particular, enhances his ranged capabilities by increasing resistance to elemental damage and granting extra actions through Haste.

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