Best Minsc Build in Baldur’s Gate 3


The Joltshooter is a recommended ranged weapon for the best BG3 Minsc build due to its unique abilities.

When you go into the beautiful world of Baldur’s Gate 3 and acquire the famous warrior Minsc, your next thought should be about how to make this character as strong as possible. Minsc’s main strengths are his agility and strength. His knowledge is the only one that isn’t one of his strengths. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the best BG3 Minsc build so that he’s the srongest and can’t be stopped by anyone. So, let’s jump right into the facts without any more delay.


Best BG3 Minsc Build: Subclass

With the introduction of new stat points for Minsc’s abilities, you have the flexibility to create two distinct builds, catering to your personal preferences. If you’re a fan of the classic, nostalgic Raging Barbarian build, you can opt to respec Minsc by selecting him and speaking with Withers. This will allow you to reallocate Minsc’s proficiencies.

However, given the fresh stat scores, we highly recommend embracing the Gloom Stalker subclass build for Minsc. This choice aligns perfectly with his attributes. While Minsc might have slightly less rage, don’t mistake this for weakness. As a Gloom Stalker, he can still become a formidable and dangerous force on the battlefield. You can unlock the Gloom Stalker Minsc build in BG3 as soon as you reach level three. At this point, you’ll gain access to the following abilities:

Dread Ambusher

  • +3 in Initiative.
  • Allows you to hide from opponents.

Umbral Shroud

  • Grants invisibility for ten turns.

Superior Darkvision

  • Enhances your vision, allowing you to see up to 24 meters.

Disguise Self spell

  • Provides the ability to change your character’s appearance.

As you progress further in levels, you’ll unlock additional proficiencies in intelligence and wisdom, level up your Conjuration and Illusion spells, and gain various other abilities, solidifying Minsc as a formidable opponent.

Minsc, now a Gloom Stalker, excels in ambushes, stealth, and long-ranged attacks, making it crucial to equip him with the right gear to complement his playstyle. We’ll discuss the best melee weapons, ranged weapons, and armor options to help you create the ultimate Minsc build.

Best BG3 Minsc Build: Melee Weapons

For the ideal Minsc build in BG3, consider the following melee weapons, as they offer exceptional advantages:

  • Ambusher: This weapon unlocks Proficiencies such as Flourish and Piercing Strike. It also features the Ambusher’s Streak, dealing additional necrotic damage, a +1 bonus on initiative rolls, and advantage on Perception ability checks.
  • Scimitar +1: Located in Druid Grove, this weapon offers Proficiency unlocks, including Flourish and the Lacerate ability.
  • Shortswords +1: These uncommon weapons provide Proficiency unlocks such as Flourish and Piercing Strike.
  • Handaxe +1: Equipping two handaxes can prove significant in melee combat, offering Proficiency in Lacerate.

Consider mixing and matching these weapons, such as using a Handaxe +1 for the main hand and a Scimitar +1 for the off-hand. This combination can prove highly efficient and lethal in battles.

Best BG3 Minsc Build: Ranged Weapons

When selecting ranged weapons for your Minsc build in BG3, these options are recommended:

  • Joltshooter: Specializing in Hamstring Shots, this weapon can reduce your enemy’s movement speed by 50%. It is Brace (Ranged), and its Electric Blood ability replenishes Lightning charges by 2 when wielded.
  • Spelltheif: Offering proficiency in Piercing shots, it inflicts gaping wounds and is Brace (Ranged).
  • Longbow +1: Similar to the Joltshooter, this weapon features a Hamstring shot and Brace (Ranged).

Each of these options is a solid choice, but the Joltshooter gains a slight advantage due to its Electric Blood capability.


Best BG3 Minsc Build: Armor

For armor that complements your Minsc build in Baldur’s Gate 3, we recommend the following:

  • Drow Studded Leather Armor: This light armor enhances Minsc’s evasive techniques without burdening your character. It also provides an edge in stealth rolls.
  • Studded Leather Armor +2: Consider this option if you’re playing as a Ranger class, as it offers an increase in initiative rolls and reduces Bludgeoning damage.

In conclusion, by following this guide and carefully selecting the right subclass, weapons, and armor, you can create the ultimate Minsc build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Whether you prefer the classic Barbarian style or the versatile Gloom Stalker, Minsc will become a force to be reckoned with, dominating the world of Baldur’s Gate. Equip him wisely, and embark on your epic adventure with confidence!


What makes the Gloom Stalker subclass the best choice for Minsc?

The Gloom Stalker subclass is recommended for Minsc due to its synergy with his updated stats. It enhances his abilities, making him a formidable character in Baldur’s Gate 3. The subclass offers stealth and long-ranged advantages that complement Minsc’s playstyle.

Can I mix and match different melee weapons for Minsc’s build?

Yes, you can mix and match melee weapons for Minsc. For instance, using a Handaxe +1 for the main hand and a Scimitar +1 for the off-hand is an efficient combination. Experiment with different weapon combinations to find what suits your playstyle best.

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