Roblox AU Reborn Codes – Free Rewards ( September 2023)



Looking for free codes for Roblox AU Reborn? Here’s our list of free codes that will get you all the latest rewards for free.

AU Reborn from the team of Xenostrology is an amazing anime fighting adventure game on the Roblox platform. Here, you can play as any anime character and fight against random enemies in the arena. You can use different skills like Jump, Dash, Awakening, and Block to tackle enemies. Use all active and passive skills to overcome enemies and their attacks as well. You can play as a rookie and start your massive adventure in the game.

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AU Reborn also has banners, skins, and kill effects. You have to purchase all battle passes to increase your tiers and levels. With more Tiers, you can explore and play with all characters in the game. You get rewards like cash and tokens for all tasks in the game. Here are all the latest Roblox Anime Unlimited: Reborn free redeem codes for this month.

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All Active AU Reborn Codes

Au Reborn Codes

The new set of valid codes for Anime Unlimited Reborn are out now.

  • !code 100KLIKES! – Cash Rewards, Tokens 
  • !code ANNIVERSARYSOON – Cash Rewards, Tokens 
  • !code 70klikes – Cash Rewards, Tokens 
  • !code b41t3d – Cash Rewards, Tokens 
  • !code 40klikes – Cash Rewards, Tokens 
  • !code 20klikes -Cash Rewards, Tokens 
  • !code 30klikes – Cash Rewards, Tokens 

How to Redeem Codes?


You can easily redeem all freebies in AU Reborn using the latest free codes. Here’s the process,

  • Launch the game
  • Tap “/” or open the chat box randomly (top left)
  • Enter all codes and tap the enter button
  • Start playing the game with all new free rewards

That’s how the process is done. You get new exclusive tokens and cash as rewards. Use them to upgrade your characters and their levels.

 More Codes 

Currently, we don’t have any extra codes for this month as all new Roblox AU:R free codes have been shared above. You can also follow the social media and discord pages to know the latest updates. The makers, Xenostrology, are also available on Twitter as well. Stay tuned and check back here later for more free codes.

 Is Roblox AU Reborn Good? 

Roblox Anime Unlimited Reborn is an anime adventure game with three main in-game modes like Ranked, AFK World, and Training. You can also use swords and other kill effects to slay enemies. You can also teleport to other locations like Leaf Village, Final Valley, and Colosseum as well. Overall, this is an amazing game with plenty of anime characters to play around. Tanjiro, Yugi, Tsuna, Yor Garou, Ippo, Jolyne, and Shisui are some of the best heroes in the game. Roblox AU Reborn is available for both PC and Mobile.

All new Roblox AU:Reborn codes have been shared above. We will come back with more Roblox updates and guides soon.

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