Roblox Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes (September 2023)



You can unlock free rewards in Roblox Brick Bronze Odyssey by using the latest codes. Dominate monsters and unlock new items with these free codes.

Brick Bronze Odyssey is a user-generated 3D anime experience on the Roblox platform. This game is highly inspired by Pokemon Brick Bronze and you battle against various Pokemon in the game. You can tussle against monsters, collect Pokemon, and explore the world of Brick Bronze. You can also participate in Gym Battles against some challenging Pokemon and collect some new rewards as well.

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You must also complete the training card and save your characters by giving a new game. Then you can also collect your first Pokemon from the Pokemon Professor. After unlocking one, you get access to more quests and species as well.

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Brick Bronze Odyssey has so many challenges and Pokemon. A colorful anime game that will take you into the world of Pokemon easily. You get rewards like Pokeballs, Potions, Master Ball, Shiny Items, and more. Here are all new valid Roblox Brick Bronze Odyssey free redeem codes to use for this month. You can unlock many freebies and Pokeballs with these new free codes in the game.

Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes

All Roblox Brick Bronze Odyssey Codes

Here are the new set of codes for this month. The currently working codes for Brick Bronze Odyssey are here,

  • ItsHot – Shiny Magcargo, Black Glass
  • MoneyForIceCream – Pokedollars
  • WeApologize – 100k poke dollars, 1k tix, 100 bp
  • Rollback – 20 Ultra Balls, 10 Rare Candy, Shiny Rowlet
  • 10KMembers – Shiny Dragonair
  • SummerTime – Shiny Solrock
  • CoolPokemon – Shiny Dhelmise
  • Celebration – Shiny Charmander
  • FireBird – Shiny Torchic
  • Masterball – Master Ball

How to Redeem Codes?

The process is entirely different. Here’s what you can do,

  • Launch the game on Roblox
  • Tap the Menu button on your middle-left side
  • Click on Options and enter all codes
  • Tap the enter button and then you also have to save after entering a code
  • Now, you can claim all-new rewards

Are there more codes?

Currently, there are no codes. Every valid code for Roblox Brick Bronze Odyssey has been shared above. You can use them to claim new prizes. More codes will be out in a couple of weeks. You can also check back here for the latest updates as well. Always stay tuned to the social media handles of makers and join discord channels and other links.


How to Play Brick Bronze Odyssey?

Brick Bronze Odyssey is a popular Pokemon-based anime game on the Roblox platform. Here, you start playing as a noob and you can discover the world to catch more Pokemon as well. You have to complete quests, catch Pokemon, and take part in gym battles as well. You can explore many kinds of Pokemon and you also get Pokeballs as well. 

The world of Brick Bronze Odyssey is tricky and you have to catch every monster using your skills. Brick Bronze Odyssey is an amazing Pokemon game on the Roblox platform. Use our new codes to kickstart your journey in the game as you get various new freebies. The game is available for Android, PC, and iOS platforms.

All New Brick Bronze Odyssey codes have been shared here. We will come back with more Roblox updates and guides soon.

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