Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List (June 2023)


Choose your utmost favorite anime character from our ultimate tier list of Roblox games of Anime Dimensions!

Anime dimensions simulator is a recently launched Roblox title that is an addition to the Roblox games of Anime. In this game, players get to choose their favorite characters from the vast list of Anime playable characters available in the game. After choosing your favorite characters you have to fight against each other and outplay your opponents by using your anime characters’ full strength.

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In order to win your battle you ought to have the best character from the game. So to help you find which characters are the best in the Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator, here is a tier list of the characters ranked in the order of best to worst.

Roblox Anime Dimensions

This tier list will help you narrow down your preferable characters to opt for when you go for a fight with your opponent. So let’s have a look at all the characters in different tiers that you can choose from in the Aime Dimensions simulator. Remember that this is a ranked tier list from the best to the worst.

Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List

S+ Tier

The S Tier of the Anime Dimensions simulator consists of the most powerful characters in the Roblox game. All these characters are capable of dealing large AoE damage in the game. It’s highly recommended that you have at least one of these characters when you go for your battle as they will give you a better edge in winning your fights against other anime characters. These characters are extremely powerful and

S+ Tier
S+ Tier
  • Roku Ultra Instinct
  • Ichini (Fullbring)
  • Esper
  • Shadow Monarch
  • Yzen (Void)

S Tier

These characters rank second in our list as they are also highly powerful in the game. You are guaranteed to reach the top and be the strongest in the game by using these characters as well. They also work as a backup to S + tier in case you are not able to get your hands on the above their characters.

S Tier
S Tier
  • Rivai
  • Chainsaw
  • Ryuka
  • Fluffy (Gear 5)
  • Hirito
  • Cursed Sage
  • Tengu
  • Nardo (Six Paths)
  • Tobushiko
  • Nilin (Valentine)
  • Priestess (Shrine)
  • Red Emperor
  • Ice Queen Esdeaf
  • Tanjiro (Sun God)
  • Combat Titan
  • Your
  • Nardo (Beast)
  • Infinity Nojo
  • Demon Girl (New Year)
  • Ichini (Final)
  • Tengoku
  • Blood Fiend

A Tier

These characters rank 3rd in our list given that they are good enough for taking down your enemies. It has good heroes who can be competitive with the ones from the other tiers.

A Tier
A Tier
  • Demon Lord Ramura
  • Primordial
  • Control
  • Best Boy (Summer)
  • Alturia Alter
  • Nojo
  • Mochi Boy (Summer)
  • King of Heroes
  • Priestess
  • Broccoli
  • Fluffy (Vampire King)
  • Bowman
  • Alis
  • Witch Meguretsu
  • Mochi Boy
  • Shadow Ramura

B Tier

This Tier consists of slightly above than average characters who could help you with the battle if you push them enough to their full potential. It could take a bit of hard work to reach their full potential and make them fight in the battle but they are not completely useless as they can serve as your backup heroes in case anything goes out of hand.

B  Tier
B Tier
  • Toro
  • Lance Guy
  • Tall Might
  • Eugebro
  • Winter Spirit Lia
  • Vampire Mika
  • Koneki
  • Asana
  • Ramura
  • Alturia
  • Yomiichi
  • Kodotoki
  • BiriBiri
  • Cyborg

C Tier

All the characters from this tier are not recommended as you might lose playing with these heroes if you are not a highly skilled player. The main benefit of having these heroes is that there easily obtainable and are good for you if you are a beginner in Anime Dimensions Simulators. It is the perfect choice for beginners as they are not extremely powerful nor are they very weak so these will help you to get your hands polished in the game.

C Tier
C Tier
  • Roku
  • Hatsu
  • Yakaza
  • Itabori
  • King of Curses
  • Kirua
  • Cherry
  • Zetsu
  • Rokia
  • Reku
  • Ray
  • Tonjuro
  • Susky

D Tier

All these characters in this tier of Anime Dimensions simulator and are extremely weak. If you are playing the game for fun you can probably choose them for satisfactory results. However, you do not even want to add them to your team as they will be no good for your battle. This is that you go for any options from the about your list than considering these characters.

D Tier
D Tier
  • Kirua
  • Cherry
  • Hatsu

F Tier

these characters rank last in our list given their poor fighting abilities. They are not recommended for any kind of gameplay as you cannot expect to have good results playing with them. They are not even good for serving the purpose of alternators as you have better options for that purpose in the About tier list.

F Tier
F Tier
  • Nardo
  • Fluffy
  • Nardo

That concludes our Roblox Anime Dimensions simulator tier list. All these characters are rent from the best towards as mentioned about. Players can choose their preferred characters according to their gameplay from our above list. Remember that this tier list has been curated on the basis of extensive Research and community feedback on the game. You can always explore for yourself which character best suits your gameplay and choose them accordingly.

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