Striker Odyssey Tier List – All Characters Ranked (August 2023)



With our Roblox Striker Odyssey tier list, you can dominate the opposition and score goals easily.

Striker Odyssey is a soccer simulation game on the Roblox platform. A soccer game based on manga and has all exciting gameplay elements and mechanics. This game also has some of the best available features. Striker Odyssey is all about striking the balls on to the goal post. You can use various techniques. The one with more scores can progress in the leaderboard charts.

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There are several anime characters and weapons to use in Striker Odyssey. Every character has different skills. One can attack, one can defend, one can pass well, and one can dribble well. With the best players in your team, you can score unlimited goals and claim the championship titles. Here are the best players to use for all matches of Roblox Striker Odyssey. Our tier list covers the strongest players of Striker Odyssey.

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Striker Odyssey Tier List – All Players Ranked

  • S Tier – The best players of Striker Odyssey are found here. They can be a great attacking player and a defensive player as well. These players score goals for fun and quickly.
  • A Tier – These characters are good in defense and can be used as a goalkeeper as well
  • B Tier – These players are not so great, but they have the best defense and a decent strategy
  • C Tier – These players are not effective. Any player can deceive them and score goals easily. You can reject these players currently.
SNagi, Chigiri, Darai
AZantetsu, Bachira
BOtoya, Rin

Best Players of Striker Odyssey 

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  • Nagi – He’s the best player to go. With incredible defensive skills and impeccable kick abilities, he can score goals from any range. He can play forward, mid, or in a defensive position as well.
  • Chigiri – He’s the fastest player and can move at a lightning speed.  Chigiri has the best dribbling skills and other techniques as well. His tactical thinking and awareness can win you games easily.
  • Bachira – Bachira is the best def player in Striker Odyssey. He can be your best goalkeeper as well. He runs fast, uses different tricks, and showcases his skills and tactics on the field.

How to Play Roblox Striker Odyssey? 

Striker Odyssey is an amazing soccer simulation game on the Roblox platform. Here you can find many animated heroes and the game also has excellent visuals, music, and graphics. A visual spectacle is what you can expect in Striker Odyssey. There are a lot of new mechanics and you will love every feature. You can master some amazing soccer skills in this game. Play the game and keep scoring more goals to level up faster. Roblox Striker Odyssey is available for both PC and Mobile.

That’s everything you need to know about the Roblox Striker Odyssey and the best players in the game. We will come back with more Roblox updates and guides soon.

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