Gunfire Reborn Weapon Tier List (December 2022)


Looking for the best weapon in Gunfire Reborn? Well, your search is over because we have the Gunfire Reborn weapon tier list for you.

Featuring cartoonish graphics and fast action, Gunfire Reborn is an addictive first-person shooter. There are a large number of weapons to choose from. But which weapons are the best in Gunfire Reborn? You might get confused once you look at the list of weapons available. Therefore, to help you out in this situation, we have created the Gunfire Reborn Weapon Tier List. 

Gunfire Reborn weapon tier list determines the relative strength and power of weapons in the game. Players can use the Gunfire Reborn weapon tier list to make informed decisions about which weapons to use or avoid in the game, by providing them with an objective and comprehensive overview of the weapons available.

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Gunfire Reborn Weapon Tier List

A tier list can be divided into several categories or tiers, with the strongest weapons appearing at the highest tier, while the weakest weapons appear at the lowest tier. Despite the fact that tier lists are a useful tool for players, it is important to remember that they are not always definitive or objective, and the effectiveness of a weapon can also be determined by the player’s skill and playstyle.

S Tier

The weapons in this tier are the strongest and the best that you can use.

Angelic AuraSubmachine GunAny
Deafening MortarLauncherAny
DemonloreSubmachine GunFire
Crimson FirescaleRifleFire

A Tier

The weapons in this tier are also strong enough and with the right players using it, it becomes stronger.

Icy SpearPistolAny
ScalpelSubmachine GunAny
Double CaliberSniperAny
Dual FangSubmachine GunCorrosion
Fire DragonInjectorFire

B Tier

The weapons in the B tier of the Gunfire Reborn Weapon tier list are average and do not help you in the game all the time. So choose these weapons only if you are very sure about them.

Fire TowerMeleeFire
Laser GlovesInjectorFire
Scorching RoundsPistolFire
Strike WingSniperAny
Thunderclap GlovesInjectorLightning
Tiger CannonLauncherAny
Wild HuntShotgunAny

C Tier

The weapons in the C tier are considered as weak and it should only be used when you are out of all the options. 

Concealed AmmoSubmachine GunAny
Aura of VenomPistolCorrosion
Golden BowSniperAny
Piercing FlameSniperFire
Rainbow ArchRifleAny
Big HippoRifleAny

D Tier

The weapon in the D tier of the Gunfire Reborn Weapon tier list are considered as the weakest weapons and you should avoid them at all cost.

Bone DragonLauncherAny
Poisonous GhostMeleeCorrosion
Thunder StormPistolLightning
Bloody DrillSniperAny
Flowing LightMeleeLightning
Frenzied SharkLauncherAny
Lightning BlastRifleLightning
Star DevourerSubmachine GunLightning

How is Gunfire Reborn weapon tier list helpful?

Players can benefit from Gunfire Reborn weapon tier list in many different ways. The following are some of the key advantages of following the Gunfire Reborn weapon tier list:

  • Give players a thorough rundown of all the weapons they may use in Gunfire Reborn so they can compare and contrast each weapon’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • Helps gamers make smart judgments about which weapons to use or avoid by providing objective and impartial rankings of the weapons based on their performance and capabilities.
  • The ability to focus on selecting the most potent and successful weapons in Gunfire Reborn in order to increase their chances of success.
  • Assisting players in spotting weapons that might not be as beneficial or effective so they can avoid wasting time or resources on them


The Gunfire Reborn tier list could be a helpful resource for players who want to become more skilled and win in the game. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a weapon’s usefulness might also rely on the ability and playstyle of the player, so a weapon that works well for one person might not be the ideal option for another.

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