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Have trouble beating bosses in Bloodborne? Check out our Bloodborne Cleric Beast Guide to find out how to beat him easily!

Bloodborne is set in the decrepit city of Yharnam with Victorian-era-inspired architecture. The player is a hunter attempting to identify the source of the plague. A blood-borne disease is rampant in the city of Yharnam. The plague theme is inspired by the event of the bubonic plague “Black Death”.

The Lovecraftian lore theme, with real-world location designs from countries such as Romania and Scotland. The game boasts highly acclaimed gameplay particularly the high difficulty level, atmosphere, and sound design. Bloodborne is played in third-person perspective as the player unravels the city’s mysteries while fighting beasts and cosmic beings.

Cleric beast rewards
Rewards after defeating Cleric Beast

Defeating Cleric Beast in Bloodborne

The Cleric Beast gives off a really terrifying aura, its domineering stature and quick movements are all the more daunting. It is one of the first tough bosses you will face throughout the game. Although he is an optional boss, it’s best you defeat him. The thing about playing Bloodborne is you need to understand that if you get scared by bosses you won’t survive the game. So don’t shy away from these fights.

The beast has an enraged mode when it emits a red aura so keep an eye out for it. The attacks get dangerous so to be prepared read its attack patterns which are enumerated below. Stick close behind the boss as that’s the safest spot for you.

Going forward try to collect as many Molotov cocktails as you can, they help a lot in the early boss battles. The Cleric Beast is susceptible to fire, so hurling 3-4 Molotov cocktails can reduce the difficulty by a lot. As you move from his front to back and keep your distance from him and throw one.

Cleric Beast | Mediareferee
Defeating Cleric Beast on the bridge


Once you defeat the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne, you can unlock the following rewards.

  • Unlocks path to Central Yharnam’s Great bridge.
  • You earn the Sword Hunter Emblem

Tipsand Tricks

Tips to defeating Cleric Beast | Mediareferee
Cleric Beast Slaughtered

Here are some tips and tricks that everyone should know while fighting the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne.

  • Remember the attack pattern.
  • Identify the body parts and timings of each attack
  • There are two different arms with different attack patterns
  • The furry arm uses a slashing attack and the furless arm uses a ground pounding attack
  • Swings both arms back for a grab attack
  • Rapid slashes that cover the width of the bridge, swing 2-4 times while moving forward
  • Claw slam attack followed by a shockwave or charge from lifting the claw up
  • When the Cleric Beast uses the leaping attack, it leaps high into the air and slams on top of you, best to watch out for this and evade on time
  • Charge attack while leaping forward.

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