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The Cookie Run Kingdom Guild system is new to the game and if you are confused about how to join or leave then you are at the right place. Our guide will help you.

A recent update to the Cookie Run Kingdom, a massively popular mobile gacha game, has added new features, including the game’s Guild system. The Cookie Run kingdom Guild guide provides instructions on how to join a guild, leave a guild, and disband a guild altogether. Read below to know all the details. 

Cookie Run kingdom Guild button
Cookie Run Kingdom Guild button

Getting access to Guilds requires players to complete Cookie Run Kingdom’s World Exploration mode, which acts as its main storyline. The player will defeat enemies and powerful bosses step by step with their team of Cookies. At the end of Episode 3, the player will be able to explore Pilgrim’s Path. 

Players can join and start Guilds if they complete stages 3-6 (Ginkgoblin Grounds). On the main screen’s bottom-left, a Guild button will become accessible.

How to start your own guild?

Creating your own guild is as simple as clicking the create button at the bottom. There you can customize the name, icon, and description, as well as whether it’s private or public. When you create your own guild, you can also set requirements for joining. You will have to keep in mind that creating a guild will cost you 500 crystals.

Create guild
Create guild

How to join Cookie Run Kingdom Guild?

To join a guild, you will have to click on the icon. The icon will look like three people. This icon can be found at the top of the screen and next to the crystal amount. Once you find it, hit the guilds tab. At the guilds tab, you will find public guilds list that you can join. There is also a search bar through which you can find your friend’s guild. By doing this, you can join a friend’s guild and play with them.

How to leave the Cookie Run Kingdom Guild?

First off, tap the Guild icon; it’s the button that looks like a brass shield near the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve selected a guild, you’ll be given the option to leave. As soon as you get to the guild screen, you need to click on your avatar thing in the top left corner. This will bring you to your guild hall, where the guild members are seated around the large table.

This will pop up a small window with Guild Info at the top. Click on your avatar in the top left again. Click on the Leave button in the bottom left of the smaller window to leave a guild in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The game will then warn you that you can’t create or join another guild for the following twenty-four hours.

As a result, your Activity Points will disappear, along with your Guild Battle reward as well. If you’re absolutely sure you want to leave, click the red Leave button at the bottom of the page. You are no longer a member of the guild and cannot join another for the next twenty-four hours.

How to Accept Invite

In the top right corner of the screen, click the Chat button. The icon, which resembles a line of orange-clad individuals, is located to the left of the Mail icon. Press Join Requests to see any invitations that have been sent to players.

Cookie Run kingdom Guild: Flames of Unity

A Guild’s Flames of Unity is its exclusive mechanism for gaining experience. There are five levels, each with a different amount of Guild XP. You can get the flames of unity when you daily play guild, guild battles, and guild gacha.

At level one, you will get 100 Guild EXP, level two will reward you with 300 Guild EXP, 1,000 Guild EXP for level four, 3,000 Guild EXP, and 10,000 Guild EXP for levels five and six respectively. This is the reason that you should never miss the Cookie Run Kingdom guild.

Cookie Run kingdom Guild Tips and Tricks

Guild Relics

There are three halls in the guild museum: the Hall of History, the Hall of Magic, and the Hall of Nature. Relics can be donated to the guild museum. A different set of relics can be unlocked in each hall, and unlocking a set gives you a buff. Obtaining multiple copies of the relics allows you to level up the set.

In Alliance, you have a higher chance of obtaining better relics if you defeat higher waves. There are four different rarities of relics: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Only Legendary relics have a separate buff.

Guild battle
Guild battle

Beacon of Promise

During leveling, Guild members donate Flames of Unity through the Beacon of Promise, which is the receptacle through which Guild EXP is collected. Additionally, Guild Members are able to check-in at this location to receive their daily rewards of Coins and Flames of Unity.

You can enjoy the domain feature

There is no benefit to having guild domains in the game, but they are a fun addition. Using resources can be used to expand the domain. Extending takes a lot of resources, but don’t worry because everyone in the guild has a chance to apply.

The activity points you earn for clearing tiles can also be used to purchase decorations for your Guild Domain. These decorations don’t provide any bonuses or cookie buffs and are purely cosmetic in nature. The rest of the guild members are still allowed to buy decorations, but cannot place them. Only one decorator is designated for the guild; the rest of the guild cannot decorate.

Guild Gacha

There is a multitude of different rewards that can be obtained from the Guild Gacha that are exclusive to the Guild system. Players can only withdraw rewards from it using Heroic Torches. Cream Puff Cookie and her soulstones, the Bookseller’s Monocle treasure, and the Treasure Insignia of the Indomitable Knights treasure are three of the most notable exclusive rewards. You would not want to miss these rewards for sure, so join the guild as soon as possible.

So this was everything you need to know about the Cookie Run kingdom Guild. This guide has covered all the details about the guild so that you can enjoy it fully.

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