Tactics Ogre Reborn Class Tier List – All Classes Ranked


Selecting the right class in Tactics Ogre Reborn is very important. Therefore, the Tactics Ogre Reborn class tier list will help you to find out the best class for you.

An action-packed role-playing game, Tactics Ogre, lets players play the role of Denim Powell (renamable by the player), a soldier caught in the middle of a war in the nation of Valeria. While moving between world map nodes, the player triggers story events that lead to single and multiple battles.

In a new version of Tactics Ogre, this classic tactical role-playing game features improved graphics and audio, along with a redesigned interface, bringing Tactics Ogre back to its roots in gameplay and aesthetics.


Players new to Tactics Ogre will discover a game unlike any they’ve ever played, while veterans will experience a game that surpasses their fondest memories. In this game, you will be able to immerse yourself in the world and intrigue of Tactics Ogre like never before, as it has been reborn and deeper than ever. There are lots of classes in the game and choosing the best class can be very difficult. Therefore, Tactics Ogre Reborn class tier list will help you to select the best class.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Class Tier List 

S Tier

The best recommendation we can make for all players is to obtain S-Tier classes as quickly as possible. There are currently no better classes in the game. It is recommended that you take advantage of these classes as soon as possible, and they should be added to your party as soon as possible. They are also the best choices for leveling up and acquiring equipment.

Rune Fencer (Valkyrie)Generic

A Tier

During content clearing, A-Tier classes can be an excellent replacement for S-Tier classes. Despite the fact that S-Tier classes are superior, A-Tier classes can benefit your team immensely. Check out these classes and see which ones will work best to counter your party’s weaknesses. Especially if you haven’t unlocked enough S tiers, or when you don’t have enough to fill your party.

White KnightUnique
Knight CommanderUnique

B Tier

You can use them in place of stronger classes if you don’t have access to any at the moment, but they are not as powerful as A-Tier or S-Tier classes. These classes are most useful during the early stages of the game when you don’t have many classes unlocked, but they become less useful later. Use these classes without a doubt if they aren’t available, but don’t use them too much.

Ninja (Kunoichi)Generic

So this was the Tactics Ogre Reborn class tier list. Follow this tier list and find out which class suits your gameplay the best.

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