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The Constellation Lodge in Starfield is a crucial location to upgrade Starfield weapons and space suits. It houses all five essential crafting stations in its basement.

In Bethesda’s Starfield, you need to know how to make upgrades to your gear in order to stay alive in the vast world. Whether you want to improve your guns or your space suit, the way you do this is the same as in the studio’s other RPG games, like Skyrim and Fallout. This guide will help you figure out how to upgrade Starfield weapons and space suits and make sure you’re ready to face the challenges of space.


Crafting Stations in Starfield

To upgrade Starfield weapons and space suits, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the various crafting stations available in Starfield. These stations serve as the hubs for your crafting and upgrading needs. Here’s a breakdown of the essential crafting stations:

  • Pharmaceutical Labs: These labs are a treasure trove of medical concoctions and enhancements.
  • Cooking Stations: For those in need of nourishment, cooking stations are where you can whip up a hearty meal to keep you going.
  • Industrial Workshops: Ideal for crafting and repairing machinery, these workshops are vital for maintaining your equipment.
  • Spacesuit Workbench: The lifeline of any spacefarer, the spacesuit workbench allows you to enhance your protective gear.
  • Weapon Workbench: A crucial station for those seeking to improve their offensive capabilities.
  • Research Labs: These labs are the key to unlocking new crafting components and mods for both weapons and spacesuits.

Finding All Crafting Stations

It can be hard to find all five crafting stations in Starfield, but the Constellation Lodge is there to help. All five crafting stations are in the basement of this sanctuary, which is very handy. You won’t have to go far to make sure your guns and spacesuits are ready for the harsh conditions of space. Also, the prized Instigating Equinox laser rifle can be found on the weapon rack next to the Weapon Workbench. This makes it a great place for smart space explorers to look for loot.

Mastering the Weapon Workbench

The Weapon Workbench is your gateway to enhancing your offensive prowess in Starfield. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this crafting station:

  • Access Your Inventory: Upon activating the Weapon Workbench, your inventory will be displayed, complete with a list of all the weapons you possess, along with their respective statistics.
  • Select Your Weapon: Make your choice to upgrade Starfield weapons. This selection will open a new menu, revealing each mod slot type and the weapon’s existing components.
  • Choose Your Mods: Each weapon has a finite number of mod slots available for customization. It’s imperative to carefully consider which mods you want to install. Select the mod type of your choice, and a list of compatible components will appear, accompanied by updated stats and resource requirements for crafting.

Maximizing the Spacesuit Workbench

The Spacesuit Workbench is where you’ll fine-tune your protective gear for the challenges that await you in the cosmos. Follow these steps for a seamless experience:

  • Understand Your Spacesuit: Your spacesuit consists of three essential components: the spacesuit itself, the helmet, and the packs. All three can be upgraded at the Spacesuit Workbench.
  • Mod Categories: Unlike weapons, where mods are categorized into barrels, optics, stocks, lasers, and more, Spacesuit mods are organized under specific slots, labeled as Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3, and Slot 4.
  • Research Requirements: Keep in mind that different slots may have varying research prerequisites. Slot one mods require either no completed research or level one completed research, while higher slots necessitate more extensive Research Projects.

Crafting High-Tier Weapon and Spacesuit Upgrades

To unlock the ability to craft high-tier weapon and spacesuit mods, you must complete more than just Research Projects. Skill development plays a pivotal role in your crafting journey. Allocate skill points to the following skills to unlock advanced capabilities at the Weapon Workbench and Spacesuit Workbench, as well as new Research Lab options:

Both of these skills have four ranks, and to move up the ranks, you’ll need to take on related tasks and give yourself more skill points.


In the end, your progress through Starfield depends on how well you can upgrade Starfield weapons and space suits. Your path to success is to master the Weapon and Spacesuit Workbenches and to build key skills. You can go into the unknown parts of space with trust, knowing that your gear is in good shape to handle the challenges that lie ahead.


How do I choose the right mods for my weapons and space suits?

Selecting the right mods for your equipment is crucial. For weapons, carefully consider the type of mod you want to install and its compatibility with your weapon. For space suits, pay attention to the slot categories (Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3, Slot 4) and the research requirements for each slot. Choose mods that align with your equipment and research progress.

What skills do I need to craft high-tier weapon and space suit upgrades in Starfield?

To craft high-tier weapon and space suit mods, you’ll need to develop specific skills. Allocate skill points to “Spacesuit Design” for spacesuit upgrades and “Weapon Engineering” for weapon enhancements. These skills have four ranks each, and you’ll need to complete related challenges and invest additional skill points to unlock advanced crafting capabilities.

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