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To start a Starfield research project, visit a Research Laboratory or other research facilities. Choose a category, such as Pharmacology or Equipment, and invest the required resources.

In Starfield, the crafting and research system lets you make a wide range of things, such as new weapons, better spacesuits, food, medicine, and more. Almost everything you want to make in the game requires you to finish a related study project before you can get the crafting recipe. This includes not only personal items but also outpost structures and buildings, so you can shape your space journey. It’s important to note that shipbuilding is the only thing that doesn’t follow this method. Shipbuilding is run by vendors and isn’t part of research or crafting.

Before making anything in Starfield, you must spend resources on research projects that lead to new crafting blueprints. Then, and only then, can you use the right materials to make these things. Also, you need to get better at research if you want to reach higher-level crafting options. For example, if you want to get a new pistol mod in Starfield, you’ll start the process in the research laboratory. Then spend resources on the necessary research, and then craft the mod at a weapons bench when the project is done. So here’s the complete Starfield research guide for you.


The Starfield Research Lab: Your Gateway to Knowledge

In Starfield, the first thing you need to do to start doing study is to find a Starfield research lab. You’ll find one of these helpful computer stations in the first spaceship you get on. The Lodge in New Atlantis, on the other hand, is a great place to go if you want to do more in-depth study. It’s in the basement, which makes it easy to use for all your study and Starfield crafting needs.

Diving into Starfield Research Categories

Starfield Research spans several categories, each offering distinct benefits and capabilities:


Learn how to make powerful drugs and important medical products. This group is especially useful for people who like to stack buffs to improve their skills.

Food and Drink

Find out how to make meals that not only heal you but also give you other benefits. Even though this area has its good points, better aid items may be found in Pharmacology. But different people have different tastes, and things like Alien DNA can change how well you can use food.

Outpost Development

Unlock the ability to construct new buildings that can be strategically placed at your outposts. This category proves indispensable if your goal is to establish expansive bases. Make your project selections wisely, considering the purpose and functionality of each building, as some are purely cosmetic, while others offer specific utility.


Master the art of creating upgrade modifications for your helmet, spacesuit, and boost pack. These modifications enhance crucial aspects like oxygen supply and boost pack capabilities, providing a significant edge in various situations. However, it’s worth noting that Weaponry mods play a more pivotal role in combat effectiveness.


This category is undoubtedly the most critical for any spacefarer. Here, you’ll learn to craft upgrade mods for your firearms. As skirmishes are a frequent occurrence in Starfield, these mods not only boost your weapon’s power but also allow you to customize it to align with your preferred playstyle, featuring options such as scopes and silencers. 

Upon selecting one of these categories, you’ll uncover a list of Starfield research projects awaiting your exploration. Each project unlocks multiple new items and enhancements, expanding your capabilities across the cosmos.

The Path of Research

It’s easy to do research for a project in a certain area. Click on the project you’re interested in and use your inventory to give it the tools it needs. Helmet Mods 1 might, for example, need three Tungsten, two Cosmetic, and three Polymer. By having all of the necessary resources, the job is finished right away, so there’s no need to wait.

In some lucky situations, you might not have to give the full amount of resources. When you meet a certain resource requirement, you might get an “overflow” bonus that takes care of some of the other requirements for the job without you having to do anything. Take Helmet Mods 1, for example. If you give three Tungsten and get an extra bonus, you might get the two Cosmetic resources for free. Because of this, you can give resources even if you don’t have the whole set, betting that you’ll get the missing pieces through overflow prizes.

Starfield Research Skills

Beyond the initial research spectrum, most projects are governed by your Starfield skills. However, acquiring these skills isn’t as simple as investing points into a generic science-based skill. Each research category corresponds to a distinct skill, necessitating a diverse skill point distribution and further investments to unlock more challenging projects.

Here are the essential skills relevant to research:

Chemistry (Science)

This skill determines your capacity to complete Pharmacology projects. To access Chemistry, you must first invest eight points in Science skills before venturing into this specialized field.

Gastronomy (Social)

Gaia’s skill level influences your proficiency in Food & Drink projects. Unlike Chemistry, Gastronomy is readily accessible without any prior investment in Social skills. Many starting backgrounds come equipped with this skill, making it a convenient choice. Nevertheless, its absence from the Science tree means that points allocated here won’t contribute to the progression of other vital research and Starfield crafting skills.

Outpost Engineering (Science)

Outpost Development projects rely on your expertise in Outpost Engineering. Similar to Chemistry, this skill demands eight points in Science, making it a wise early investment for those aspiring to construct formidable bases in Starfield.

Spacesuit Design (Science)

To excel in Equipment projects, allocate four points in Science skills to unlock Spacesuit Design. This skill offers an accessible entry point to enhancing your spacesuit and equipment.

Weapon Engineering (Science)

Weaponry projects are governed by Weapon Engineering, another skill requiring four points in the Science tree. Given its substantial impact on combat effectiveness, this skill proves invaluable for any aspiring space warrior.

Research Methods (Science)

While not directly linked to specific Starfield research projects, Research Methods merits consideration. This skill reduces the resource cost of your projects, making it a valuable choice, especially if resource scarcity hampers your progress. To reap its full benefits, expedite your ascent to the fourth rank, where you’ll enjoy a 60% reduction in resource expenditure and twice as many overflow bonuses.

Research lab
Research lab

It’s essential to note that leveling up your skills in Starfield entails more than just allocating points. After attaining the first rank in a skill, you must overcome specific challenges to unlock subsequent ranks. In the case of research and Starfield crafting skills, these challenges often involve crafting a certain quantity of items, aligning with your ongoing research endeavors. This method ensures that your practical knowledge aligns with your skill progression seamlessly.


What is research in Starfield?

Research in Starfield is the process of unlocking crafting recipes for various items, including weapon mods, spacesuit upgrades, and more. It involves completing research projects by investing resources, which grants you access to new crafting blueprints.

Do I need specific skills for research in Starfield?

Yes, Starfield research requires certain skills. Each research category corresponds to a particular skill, such as Chemistry for Pharmacology or Weapon Engineering for Weaponry. You’ll need to invest skill points in these areas to unlock and progress through research projects effectively.

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